Grill and chill with this game-changing smokeless fire pit

it’s high time you got a fire pit that’s smokeless, easy to use, and can cook up a delicious grilled meal while you enjoy the flames

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Back in the day, stoking a fire and swapping stories with the fellas was the best way to unwind after a long day of hunting mastodons. Even the intellectual types who couldn’t stop talking about the new wheel loved the simplicity of a crackling fire. If we’re honest, some of us haven’t changed that much and all of us love kicking back around a fire. Making that fire has sure gotten easier, though.

Gas fire pits make lighting a snap and eliminate smoke and ash. Traditional fire pits are a dime a dozen and happily burn newspaper and split logs. But if you ask us, it’s high time you got a fire pit that’s smokeless, easy to use, and can cook up a delicious grilled meal while you enjoy the flames. This fire pit from BioLite is a faster, more convenient, and more versatile way to transform your backyard into a modern marvel your caveman ancestors would be proud of.

This fire pit uses an electric motor to circulate air for a hot, clean-burning fire without the constant prodding and adjusting you’re used to. Four fan settings circulate air and let this fire pit blaze through kindling, logs, and charcoal without smoking you out. Control the fan settings with your phone, and use the battery pack’s USB ports to keep your phone’s battery topped off.

Carrying handles, foldable legs, and an available soft case make this an absolute must for your next camping trip. Charge the fan unit’s battery by USB before you leave, or let the optional bag’s solar panel provide off-the-grid power. See-through sides, bottom, and top create a floating appearance that’s downright hypnotizing.

The BioLite FirePit

When it’s time to cook, take advantage of the cooking grate to grill up fresh meat and veggies or heat a skillet of bacon and eggs. Since it burns wood and charcoal, you can take your grilling preferences on the road.

If you do any amount of car camping, van life, or overlanding, you owe it to yourself to add this fire pit to your gear list. Even if you never leave home, it adds huge value to your backyard–and trust us, food cooked over an open flame just tastes better. [Buy from BioLite / Amazon]

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