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Gear lists may be mission-dependent, but your everyday carry items need to be reliable in all situations. Never let yourself be the one with a dull EDC knife or some new piece of gear you haven’t tested. The whole point of EDC items is to be prepared for a wide range of situations at all times. Maybe that means lighting a fire during a survival situation. Maybe it means making the most of your break in the smoke pit. Either way, it’s no time for your lighter to fail.

Most people are content with a cheap, unreliable lighter from the checkout counter at the gas station. Some pay top dollar for a refillable lighter that still struggles to light in the wind. That’s because those people are using technology that hasn’t changed in ages. Sure, it’s more refined than striking rocks over pine pitch, but not by much. 

Take a step forward with the TG plasma lighter.

Survival Gear photo

Instead of lighter fluid and a wick, this lighter uses two electric arcs to generate enough heat to start a fire. This design is totally unaffected by wind and water. The battery takes two hours to fully charge and lasts for 300 uses. Make it part of your EDC list and put your trust in a reliable lighter that never leaks or blows out.

The thick rubber housing protects against hard drops and dunks in water. Short-circuit protection means you don’t have to worry about ruining your investment with a little water. When not in use, the push-to-open lid can be locked closed for safekeeping. 

Tactical gear makes everything from tools to clothing for the dynamic environments encountered in military, law enforcement, and outdoor life. This lighter was built to withstand everything you encounter without missing a beat.

If you regularly use a lighter, this should absolutely be on your gear list. Because it runs on a rechargeable battery, it pays for itself in no time. No more rushed trips to the gas station or spilling lighter fluid during a refill. After all, your everyday carry is supposed to make life easier, right? [Buy]

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