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It's that time of year again: Time to be a gift-giving hero and put some epic gear under the tree for the uniformed pros in your life. The 2016 holiday shopping guides at are better than ever.

If you're in a charitable mood, make sure you explore what's on offer this year. (But you know, it's totally okay to shop for yourself. We won't judge.)

What's GovX, you ask? If you're current or former military — or really any kind of government worker — you can become a member for free and save on a ton of amazing gear, equipment, and more.

You'll find all the old classics here — Oakley, 5.11 Tactical, Benchmade — but, this year, you'll also find some newcomers. BLACKHAWK joins the lineup with its selection of high-end tactical gear. Surefire is a name many of you will recognize as the maker of handgun-mounted lights. Plus, Line of Fire's tactical gloves make for an excellent gift for shooting enthusiasts. And really, who do you know who isn't a shooting enthusiast?


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You'll notice in this collection, there's a highly technical approach to sweating your ass off. Shorts with unique, hybrid fabrics that wick away moisture and offer plenty of flexibility. Compression gear designed to promote blood flow, ensuring you don't feel like a sore pile of death the next day. And there are shoes that let you really dig into the Earth, whether you're running miles across it, or lifting iron over it. If you know someone whose idea of gym apparel is the same pair of basketball shorts he's been wearing since college, consider browsing this guide for a gift he'll really dig.


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This guide wouldn't be complete without an aerial drone. (Always know your local drone laws and regulations, folks.) But in addition to that, you'll find gear for the most popular smartphones, action cameras from both GoPro and Garmin, and some unique audio gear like waterproof earbuds, speakers, and sound bars.


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Even outdoor junkies — those folks who disappear for weeks at a time and eventually return with foot-long beards — come home for the holidays. This collection is meant for campers, hikers, athletes, adrenaline junkies, and people who laugh in the face of inclement weather.


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Sorry, you won't find the new Apple Watch in this guide. But what you will find is a huge collection of timepieces literally for every budget. From affordable yet rugged Armitron timepieces to the high-end Suunto wearables — which totally gives the Apple Watch a run for its money, by the way — this guide has everything for guys who prefer checking the time on your wrist to pulling out their smartphone.


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There's plenty more available at Membership is reserved for current and former military, first responders, and government personnel. If you qualify, be sure to sign up for your free membership.