Editor’s Note: The following story highlights Nestlé Purina. Committed to including talented members of the military community in its workplace, Nestlé Purina is a client of Hirepurpose, a Task & Purpose sister company. Learn more here.

Whether you’re planning for your transition from the military or you’ve been out of the service for several years and are looking for a career change, NestléPurina offers career opportunities across various fields that may fit military veterans perfectly. As a brand under the Nestlé organization, Nestlé Purina has a commitment to serving America’s veterans and providing meaningful post-military career opportunities through Nestlé’s broader commitment, Project Opportunity. The company encourages them to put their military skills to work in a new and exciting environment that recognizes service, sacrifice, and experience. They’ll even provide step-by-step instructions on preparing your military experience for the interview process. Although service members have been hired into many different teams and departments in the organization, three fields in particular align smoothly with veterans’ military skills, enhancing Nestlé Purina’s commitment to its customers, employees, and products.


3 Civilian Career Fields Veterans Should Consider

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Information systems and technology is a career field in which veterans can seamlessly transition their technical skills from the military and bring significant leadership and management to not only Nestlé Purina, but the entire Nestlé family of companies. Their IS/IT function is called “Nestlé GLOBE,” designed to accelerate the digital transformation and innovation journey within each of the business across the entire Nestlé network. “Teamwork and my adaptability were critical skills I learned in the military that have served me well here,” says Peter, an Army veteran and senior business solutions specialist within Nestlé GLOBE.


3 Civilian Career Fields Veterans Should Consider

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Nestlé Purina’s sales team is full of self-starters, leaders, and relationship-makers. “Nestlé Purina has always been synonymous with embracing military veterans and allowing us to use the best of our skills, both intrinsically and extrinsically learned, to help employers create and sustain a certain type of culture,” says Ryan, Air Force veteran and Nestlé Purina territory manager. Focusing in the retail sales and veterinary sales channels, Nestlé Purina’s sales representatives are located across the U.S. and are the face of pet care brands to the retailers in the communities in which they live and work, much like military leaders are in the field. Military men and women, regardless of rank, are leaders who bring a sense of purpose, drive, and direction, and Nestlé Purina has a passion for recruiting and fostering those same skills.


When Greg, a Nestlé Purina maintenance technician and Navy veteran, transitioned out of the service, he knew he wanted a career that aligned with his service experience. Purina offered him an opportunity in their technical manufacturing department repairing all electrical and mechanical equipment. Manufacturing employees are at the core of Purina’s operations, and the company takes great pride in ensuring their needs are met with job security, top benefits, and professional development. “The training I received from senior technicians has been invaluable,” says Greg. “And the monthly technical training has been critical to maintaining my sharp skills.”

Nestlé Purina’s commitment to excellence and supporting its veterans also means accommodating its employees who serve as drilling reservists. “Nestlé Purina has been very supportive and helpful as I prepare for my upcoming deployment with the Navy Reserve,” says Greg. “It’s comforting to know that my employer has my back.”

Nestlé Purina’s heritage — expressed in The 5 Talls — isn’t just a bunch of words taken lightly in the company halls. They are concepts that every member of the military understands, appreciates, and embodies. Its commitment isn’t only to employing military veterans: it’s to provide vets an environment where they want to stay, thrive, and grow.

There are many jobs available to pursue once you leave the military. But Nestlé Purina is more than a job — it’s a family that values your service and recognizes the exceptional skills you bring to the team. With jobs uniquely poised for military veterans, Nestlé Purina is waiting for you and excited to learn about your military experience. Are you ready?