When big life changes occur, it can alter the way one sees the world. This is also true for active-duty service members when they transition into veteran status. The way they view their service or certain details of military culture can change.

A recent Reddit thread entitled “For civilians who like to tell the world what soldiers/veterans think” included relatable experience that changes when one transitions from active duty to being a veteran.

Some of these are so universal that we had to share them, so we went through and picked out the best, with light edits for clarity and profanity.

1. On benefits from the VA:

Active duty: “At least when I’m done I’ll have my VA benefits!”

Veterans: “What benefits?”

2. On military tradition:

Active duty: “Another horse and pony show formation? What the heck are we out here for this week?”

Veterans: “I hope those kids in formation remember to unlock their…Nope! There went another one! LOL.”

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3. On civilian contractors:

Active duty: “I can’t believe I have to train this dumb civilian employee to do my job while he’s making eight times as much as I am right now and gets to go home in another 2 hours.”

Veterans: “Seriously, why can’t I get a civilian employee job?”

4. On all those “S” shops:

Active duty: “Crap! Is it S1, S2, S3, or S4 I’m supposed to be reporting to?”

Veterans: “I still don’t know what all those S’s were for!”

5. On work responsibilities:

Active duty: “Work? Catch me if you can!”

Veteran: “Work? Please! I’ll do anything! Just give me a job because my family and I really need the money.”

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