Military Life

Young Recruits Are Joining The Military For Job Opportunities

Though the reasons for joining the military can be many, one trend in recent years has been for purpose of finding good jobs with stable incomes in lucrative fields.

The Huffington Post reports that military jobs are not only reliable, offering income, benefits and career growth to nearly 1.4 million people, but the job opportunities are varied and often in the same fields that employ civilians. A number of the recruits interviewed said they are looking forward to the prospect of challenging and interesting career paths that will allow them to break away from “day-to-day jobs.”

“The army doesn’t see color. What we see is green,” Sgt. 1st Class Rocky Weaver told The Huffington Post. “Once you join the army, we don’t judge a person on if they’re black, white, male, female. We’re gonna judge you on your performance. We’re gonna judge you off your character, your attributes, and your potential to achieve more.”

“This isn’t your grandfather’s army,” Weaver, a recruiter for the Army, continued.