Jennifer Dolsen

Jennifer Dolsen is a former U.S. Army multimedia journalist and public affairs soldier with deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. She's pursuing a B.A. in mass communication, teaches swim lessons, and is an advocate for water safety.

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A Marine patrols through a Tongan village on his way to a vehicle checkpoint training evolution as part of Exercise Tafakula 2013.
Sebastian Junger’s New Book ‘Tribe’ Says Something About Society No One Else Will
"Tribe," Sebastian Junger’s latest book, attributes vets’ loss of purpose when they return home to modern society.
Pilou Asbæk in A WAR, a Magnolia Pictures release.
This Movie Gets Right About War What Other Films Get Wrong
The Danish film, “A War,” is a refreshingly realistic take on military life.
A local U.S. Army soldier salutes unclaimed veteran James Beavers’ casket during a memorial service, Dec. 17, 2015.
1200 People Attended A Funeral For An Unclaimed Army Veteran
The Vietnam War-era veteran received full military honors in a funeral attended by 1200 strangers.
A U.S. Air Force veteran sits in the Women Veterans Health Clinic Waiting Room.
The Mistreatment Of Female Veterans Is Not Just A Women’s Issue
Women face numerous military transition challenges on top of the misconceptions closely tied to being a female veteran.
Flowers decorate a fence outside of Fort Hood's east gate on Sunday, April 6, 2014, in Killeen, Texas, in honor of those killed and wounded in the Fort Hood shooting on April 2. Three people were killed and 16 were wounded when a gunman opened fire before taking his own life at the Fort Hood military base.
The Truth Behind Fort Hood’s History Of Violent Crime
Everyone can tell a story of something bad that happened at Fort Hood, but do these stories reveal some truth about the installation's crime rate?
contraception in the military
We Need To Have A Conversation About Women’s Access To Contraception In The Military
The Access to Contraception for Women Servicemembers and Dependents Act is a new bill that addresses two very different but related topics: contraceptive rights and sexual assault.