Kyle Gunn

Kyle Gunn

Social Media Editor

If you’ve yelled at Task & Purpose on social media going back to April of 2021, Kyle has read it, and he forgives you. Kyle has been working in social media for about three years now, and is hopelessly addicted to it.



  • Kyle is an expert in receiving abuse on social media, and occasionally dishing it out.
  • He enjoys retweets, shares, and people actually clicking the link and reading the articles before depositing their hot take in our comments.
  • He was a Marine, and then after that a mindless government contractor until he started a parody account on Twitter and then got hired to do social media for Zero Blog Thirty which led to Task & Purpose



Kyle started with Task & Purpose in April of 2021, and since then has actually taken social media seriously despite all the jokes. Since he started, he has grown the following on all social platforms, started new brands to reach new audiences, and also dabbled in video to bring our stories to more readers in a different medium.

He enjoys taking the voice of Task & Purpose and putting it on social media for all to see and also interacting with all the readers, even the negative ones. He also sometimes writes for the site, like this one about the Navy’s barracks barges, and the story of how Colin Powell lost his sidearm as a lieutenant, and of course a story about a giant treasure the Taliban desperately wants to find in Afghanistan.


Kyle attended Colorado State University where he made it 3.5 years toward a history degree before he dropped out and enlisted in the Marine Corps. After the Marine Corps, he graduated Summa Cum Laude (not to brag) from Craven County Community College with an Associates of Science degree in Networking and Cyber Security.

Fun Fact

When Kyle isn’t reading the comments on social media he likes to make custom pens on a lathe, and shape custom knife handles and other various woodworking. He also enjoys taking his family out on their boat and coaching his kids in sports.

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