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Lawmakers are investigating the cancer diagnoses of veterans of toxic Uzbekistan base
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The inflatable unicorn from that Coast Guard shark attack is now safe and sound in a museum
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Ex-soldier booted for child molestation conviction asks Supreme Court to intervene
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The US military isn’t doing nearly enough to attract and retain women, report finds
Navy grants first service waiver to transgender officer
Pentagon approves ketamine-based antidepressant for some patients
Dozens more military bases have suspected ‘forever chemical’ contamination
Military medical school to graduate students early to battle COVID-19
COVID-19 relief bill contains nearly $20 billion for veterans
It was the biggest scam in Tricare’s history. Now troops may be going to jail
The VA may be forced to pay billions in veterans’ ER bills after court ruling
The Trump administration’s new citizenship policy will only affect 25 military children a year, officials say
Trial date set for Coast Guard officer who allegedly maintained ‘Hit List’
All CBD products are forbidden to US service members, Pentagon says​
A new bill would help keep low-income military families from going hungry. The White House isn’t on board
Bowe Bergdahl Seeking New Trial or Clemency Due to Trump Comments
2 lawmakers are taking aim at the controversial ‘widow’s tax’ on Gold Star family benefits
Bill would require Spanish translations on all VA fact sheets
The push to finally allow troops to sue the military over medical malpractice just got a major boost in Congress
A lawmaker wants to name a Navy ship after the senior chief killed in a suicide bombing in Syria
Lawmakers are taking aim at the controversial ‘widow’s tax’ on Gold Star family benefits