Writing for War on the Rocks, Joe Byerly says by using social media, leaders in the U.S. armed forces can coordinate and communicate quickly — a challenge when your organization is distributed as far and wide as the military.

“Social media enables individuals to connect into networks of people who can be mobilized for learning, parties, projects, movements, fundraising, or even just to raise awareness,”

Byerly writes. “Because of the power that can be harnessed from these mediums, military professionals should take the time to learn them, be active on social media sites, and find innovative ways to use them within their organizations.”

The benefits of using social media as a leader of any organization include the ability to establish links between the leaders and the subordinates on a large-scale compared to more traditional means of communication.

“These platforms present an opportunity for military professionals to extend their span of influence beyond the chain of command, cut through multiple layers of bureaucracy, and potentially develop a personal form of ‘soft power.’”