After hours of sending texts back and forth with your military and veteran buddies, it’s likely that your arsenal of sarcastic memes and inside jokes will be running low.

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A courtesy image via Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America showing the new social app: Vetmoji.Image courtesy of IAVA.

Fortunately, there’s an app for that.

The veterans advocacy group, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, or IAVA, teamed up with Kapps Media to launch the first veterans and military-themed emoji app, called Vetmoji, on May 9. Kapps Media is a mobile messaging technology company based in Santa Monica, California.

With it, you can adjust the size of the emojis before sending them through text or social media. You can also send audio files with military expressions and yes, lines from your favorite military movies.

“Now veterans, troops and civilians will have a blast with these emoji’s which give a glimpse into military life,” reads an IAVA press release about the app. “Everyone who quotes from their favorite military movie will also have fun using these emojis.”

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IAVA reached out to the veteran community as well as staff members at the organization for input on what the emojis should look like.

“Our hope is that it’s just a continued way for veterans to communicate with each other in a sort of fun and relevant way,” said James Baumann, director of strategic partnerships at IAVA in an interview with Military Times.

The app is available for $1.99 on iPhone or Android.