The best early Black Friday deals on EDC knives at Amazon and beyond

Grab one of these handy EDC knives for a stocking stuffer — or, y'know, yourself.

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You don’t have to be a veteran of the U.S. military to know that a solid knife is an essential tool for navigating daily life. Whether you’re building a bug-out bag or simply putting together your regular everyday carry loadout, a reliable blade can mean the difference between a successful mission and an unexpected FUBAR situation.

EDC knives are versatile, durable, and reliable — or, at least, they should be. Whether you’re using it for mundane tasks like cutting through packaging and slicing cord, or you’re in a more unique situation (like, say, removing a seatbelt after a car accident), an EDC knife can serve as a trusty companion worth relying on. Take it from me, a nasty civilian and complete idiot: a good EDC knife may only be as good as the hand that wields it, but you’ll be damn happy you have one exactly when you need it.

Here at Task & Purpose, we have a special place in our hearts for good knives. In fact. reviewed tons of them: the best pocket knives, the best EDC knives, the best survival knives, and everything in between. And this means when we get wind of a solid deal on some trusty knives, our ears perk up.

Now, we know it’s a little early for Black Friday deals, but the run-up to our All-American shopping spree has yielded some definite bargains at Amazon, BladeHQ, and elsewhere. Check out our list below and score yourself a brand new blade this holiday season.


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