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Welcome to The Gear List, a semi-regular series where we spotlight the best discounts and deals on tactical gear, outdoor equipment, and everything in between.

We love watches here at Task & Purpose, and we spend the week sifting through reputable retailers to find watches that are not only on sale for an unbeatable price but are also not simply junk that someone’s trying to get rid of on the cheap. Citizen watches of Japan are one of our main squeezes for affordable wristwatches due to their excellent brand reputation, unique styling, and innovative Eco-Drive technology that allows the wearer to charge their watch’s battery with even artificial light. Even better: a handful of reliable Citizen watches are on sale for unbeatable discounts right now as part of watch retailer Jomashop’s graduation sale.

Here are a few of our favorite Citizens that we found on Jomashop this week. 

These prices were valid at press time, but prices can change and deals do expire.

The Weekend Statement Piece

Price: now $197.88, was $294.99
Seller: Jomashop

Not just titanium, but SUPER titanium, we’re coming out of the corner swinging with this beautiful sports watch. The Citizen Eco-Drive Super Titanium Blue features an attractive textured blue dial, titanium case and bracelet, and sapphire crystal, all for less than $200. This is a great weekend watch that dresses up well, but is also one that you can confidently take anywhere due to the sapphire crystal and durable case. The most attractive feature of this watch is how feather-light it is owing to its titanium construction; you won’t know it’s there until you need it.

The Professional

Price: now $199.99, was $291.99
Seller: Jomashop

This is the watch for people who want a watch that can do it all any day of the week. A true ISO-certified diver’s watch, the Citizen Promaster Diver got on our good side so well when we evaluated it that it made our list of the best dive watches under $500. This is totally understandable because in addition to being a no-kidding dive watch that can be trusted by professionals at the bottom of the ocean, it’s also supremely affordable. Because this is a dive watch, it’s been individually tested to be water resistant past the stated 200m, or 20 atmospheres of water pressure, has great luminescence, and even little details like reinforced spring-bars for the straps (to prevent your watch from getting ripped off your wrist underwater if you get it snagged on something). Did we mention that it looks great on your wrist, too?

Price: now $349.99, was $543.99
Seller: Jomashop

Is it stolen valor for a non-aviator to wear the Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive Nighthawk Blue Angels Chronograph? Not at all, and that’s why I love this stylish commemorative piece that pays homage to the best stunt pilots in the world (sorry, Thunderbirds). The big brother of the Nighthawk that made our list of the best aviation watches of the year, this piece features a chronograph function which was an essential tool in the early days of aviation when flying by instruments at night or in foul weather to calculate how far you’d gone on a particular heading. But this isn’t just a tool watch with a Blue Angels skin; it’s also one of the best-looking watches that Citizen makes, with a Navy blue dial and gold accents, polished steel case, special Blue Angels design on the back, and gorgeous blue leather rally strap with a gold backface. This is a timekeeping love letter to Navy aviation through and through, and it’s available for an absolute steal.

Price: now $219.99, was $377.99
Seller: Jomashop

You thought I was someone who would populate this list with all quartz watches, but it was me, Matt Sampson, and I have to get my love for mechanical watches in somewhere. A lot of people forget that Citizen even makes mechanical watches, because their solar-powered quartz watches are just that good, but Citizen owns the Miyota brand of watch movements which are beloved all over the world. It’s not hard to see why either: the Miyota 8000-series movements are inexpensive, reliable, and a proven quantity in the watch market. But the best part about this mechanical watch is that it’s everything a dress watch ought to be, delightfully appointed and stylish, with a “sun-ray” dial pattern, a sapphire crystal, titanium case and bracelet, and a gold-tone movement that’s visible through a display caseback. This is a beautiful piece from any angle, and it’s one that’s sure to spark comments of “wait, that’s a Citizen?” Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m about to go pick one up for myself…

The Hypermodernist

Price: now $99.99, was $187.99
Seller: Jomashop

One of the most enduring watch designs of our time remains the all-black, murdered-out watch with the styling of a stealth fighter and the readability of the hours of operation sign on Derek Zoolander’s Center For Kids Who Can’t Read Good (for ants). This Citizen solves some of those issues with the Eco-Drive Black Dial, differentiating the dial from the numbers by texturing the dial, raising the numerals, and adding black luminescence to the hands so that they still glow in low lights. On top of this, it’s got an equally-brutal strap, 100 meters of water resistance, and a manageable 42mm case diameter. This is a watch that can go almost anywhere that you do and keep your all-black-everything look intact.

Price: now $452.88, was $746.99
Seller: Jomashop

In the Quentin Tarantino movie ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,’ Brad Pitt wears a gold watch on a decidedly tacky “Bund” strap. Upon closer inspection, this watch reveals an interesting secret: the chronograph pushers are on the top of the watch, rather than on the side. That watch was the Citizen 8110, and that style of watch is called a “Bullhead” due to the resemblance of the pushers on the top to the horns of a bull. Citizen has continued its tradition of making uniquely-designed chronograph watches, and the Tsuno Bullhead Chronograph skips the all-gold construction and cheesy Bund strap for a more modern integrated hexad bracelet and stainless steel. This is a decidedly acquired taste, given the integrated bracelet, large case size and thickness, and complex dial, but for the eccentric watch aficionado, this is a surefire winner.