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Don’t let your martial arts and marksmanship instructors fool you; throwing knives and axes are totally viable weapons on the modern battlefield. Our research suggests that America’s enemies spend almost no time preparing to counter, say, a barrage of hatchets slung at them by pissed-off grunts on a Rip-It bender. I guess “great power competition” was just the U.S. military’s favorite euphemism for doing things the same way as always with no creativity whatsoever.

But even if the Pentagon isn’t ready to acknowledge the strategic capabilities and overall rad-ness of throwing knives and axes, you can still have a killer time (metaphorically speaking, of course) with your friends by partaking in the art of airborne blades. Right now, some of the best throwing knives on the market — and throwing axes, too! — are on sale at big discounts on Amazon. Get in on the action now and you can have them in time for this weekend’s (safe and responsible) debauchery.

Let’s go ahead and get that safety brief updated now, shall we?

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Price: was $59.99, now $27.99
Seller: Amazon

Do you even care about details? These throwing knives are eight inches long and made from 2Cr13 steel. More importantly, they’re designed to rotate in the air for a predictable, controlled flight path to the bullseye. They’re thin enough that you can fit all six into a nylon sheath that fits on your belt. With no handle scales or fasteners, there’s really not much that can break on these knives.

As much as throwing knives seem like a gimmick, Smith & Wesson at least put some research and development into forging these bad boys. They’re well-balanced and purposefully shaped for throwing over cutting. Even if they’re going to be used as a hobby rather than to gain an actual tactical advantage, it’s nice to know you’re getting a quality item.

Price: was $94.99, now $55.89
Seller: Amazon

If throwing knives alone aren’t exciting enough for you, add in some throwing axes and take the party to another level. Like Smith & Wesson’s throwing knives, the axes are made from one piece of steel and balanced for throwing accuracy. Unlike most throwing axes that are built like traditional hatchets, these have a slim shape that allows all three throwing axes to fit in a convenient nylon carrying sheath. There’s even a bottle opener built into each handle.

With three throwing knives and three throwing axes, you can gain proficiency in both disciplines and diversify your backyard badassery. Fire up the grill and tell your friends to grab their favorite flannel, because you have the perfect recipe for friendly competition. There’s never been a better time to start your own blade-throwing league.