While Veterans day brings with it a ton of great discounts — and a plethora of free sides and deserts from a string of chain restaurants — it's not often that you find a discount that runs the whole year round.

For the next several days until Nov. 11, Amazon will be offering exactly that: $40 off one of year of Prime membership to all veterans and active duty military personnel.

So, if you're itching to binge mil-themed shows like Band of Brothers,The Americans, Jack Ryan, Man in the High Castle, and Homecoming, or you just want to enjoy free 2-day shipping for $79 a year, then now's the time to sign up.

But a few caveats (sorry, couldn't help myself) before you get started: It's a one time promotion, which means that after the year's discount the price will return to $119 a year, and this is only available to service members and veterans, not dependents. (That said, you can always just share an account.)

The process is pretty straight forward: Click the Amazon Prime Discount link here, then follow the prompts to verify your military service.