Landing A Job In Cyber Security Doesn’t Get Easier Than This

Veterans holding IT-related skill identifiers from the military have attended the schools, done the job, and gained extensive real-world experience. The problem has been certification requirements — many employers have required certifications that the military doesn’t necessarily provide in order for the veteran job seeker to be considered.

This means vets then need to either use their educational benefits or pay out of pocket to attend training and acquire industry-recognized certifications, further delaying the transition into the workforce, at best. At worst, veterans can be influenced to waste money on the wrong certifications.

PricewaterhouseCoopers is taking an innovative approach, removing barriers, and providing very real and attractive career options for transitioning service members, veterans, and spouses with IT, intel, or communications experience through its cyber boot camp. PwC recognizes the skill and potential of veterans with these backgrounds and is hiring them “as they are” right out of service. No need to go back to school or attend further training; PwC will provide everything the new hire needs.

PwC is one of the world’s largest professional services firms with over 750 locations throughout 150+ plus countries. PwC has been an early and very engaged client partner with Hirepurpose as a component of their military outreach strategy.

PwC’s cyber boot camp offers comprehensive training that allows veterans to transition seamlessly into a cyber security career path with one of the world’s most respected companies. PwC will make full-time offers to qualified applicants prior to the training, so as members of the firm, all travel and expenses will be covered. Initial training in either Chicago or Atlanta with follow-on training conducted virtually at the employee’s permanent location.

After initial training, new hires will be assigned to the location of their choice in any major metro area in the United States. Making use of some the best practices for veteran hiring, PwC will assign veteran buddies to every new veteran hired in order to ease the transition from military life to that of a global professional services firm. This practice creates a happier and less stressful transition into a corporate environment.

Why you want to work here? PwC is an elite, well-respected company. They are removing many of the barriers that prevent veterans from being competitive right out of service and they are providing the tools for long-term career success in addition to the transition into corporate America. You are not likely to find a better path to career success in cyber security, especially when you consider the flexibility in where you can work, the understanding of your journey from fellow vets at PwC, and the fact that you are being hired right out of service without having to deal with the certification hurdles.

Transitioning veterans, honorably discharged veterans, or spouses of service members or veterans who have at least two years of IT-, intel- or communications-related experience should consider this opportunity. Veterans with IT or computer-science degrees from career fields other than listed above are also encouraged to apply. Salary and benefits are very competitive and will vary according to background and skill level.

For more information and to apply, visit PwC’s website.