Firings, Indictments and Other Military Misdoings: Special Air Force Edition

  • Some morons on the Air Force Academy men’s swim team face criminal charges in a hazing incident, with a possibility of sentences of up to 5 years.
  • Air Force Brig. Gen. Paul Tibbets, the grandson of the pilot who flew the atomic bomb plane over Hiroshima, is being booted for a bunch of general-like transgressions.
  • An Air Force major, a National Security Agency official and one other person were indicted on a contract-rigging scheme.
  • Sorry ‘bout the cancer, you’re fired!: The Air Force dumped the academic dean of the Air Force Special Operations School for using cannabis to treat his prostate cancer. Would be savagely ironic if the cancer were the result of his Vietnam service, no?

What is going on, USAF? Are you all right in there? Hold my beer!, replies the U.S. Marine Corps:

  • What is going on at 29 Palms? I know it is a weird place but it looks to be getting weirder.
  • And the U.S. Marine Corps commander down in Darwin, Australia, got his butt thrown on the barby for a DUI.
  • Meanwhile, an Army officer sued over being shot by a Triple Canape contractor at Bagram. Let’s be careful out there.