Some Guy Made A Chair Out Of Gold-Plated AK-47s

What do you get for the man who has everything? Like, literally, everything?

Imagine you’re a visiting dignitary from foreign nation, an executive vice president at a state-owned corporate monopoly, or just a friendly high-net-worth individual with a patriotic streak. And say you’re invited to meet with a man who is not only fabulously wealthy but also very powerful — a guy with the money to buy anything he wants, along with the ability to shape the laws of his nation and even command its military.

What do you bring as a thank you gift? A box of wine isn’t going to cut it. Nor is a commemorative coin with his face on it. It’s cheesy, plus he probably already has a drawer full of them.

Not to worry. Austrian artist Rainer Weber has just the thing. His latest creation — a royal throne made of gold-plated Kalashnikovs, along with a matching floor lamp — is pretty sweet. It’s “for collectors, art- and design-lovers or people who like the exceptional,” the artist’s website notes.

Apparently, these are real AK-47s, disassembled, plated in gold, and reassembled. Just the thing for the old man cave. But this beautiful work of art isn’t just for the fellas. Turns out ladies love it too.

Rainer Weber photo

And if gold seems a little too ostentatious (and too pricey, at $127,000), you might prefer one of Weber’s other creations, a similar chair done in tasteful chrome.

Rainer Weber photo

What ever happened to good old gunmetal?