A second Navy SEAL has been arrested and charged over the alleged execution in 2017 of an ISIS detainee in Mosul, Iraq.

  • Lt. Jacob “Jake” Portier is accused of dereliction of duty amid allegations that he helped cover up “a string of war crimes” committed by Chief Edward Gallagher, authorities told Navy Times.
  • Gallagher was arrested on Sep. 11 and is being held in the Miramar Brig over accusations he used a knife to execute a wounded ISIS fighter. He faces an Article 32 hearing on Nov. 14 in San Diego.
  • Authorities contend that Portier, who was Gallagher's platoon leader and not present during the alleged war crimes, may have not properly reported the allegations up the chain of command.
  • However, Portier's attorney Jeremiah Sullivan told the Times that after a lead petty officer told the officer of the allegations, they were forwarded up the chain and “Lt. Portier went so far to seek legal advice from the Naval Special Warfare Group ONE Staff Judge Advocate who stated they needed a sworn statement before they could investigate.”
  • Task & Purpose previously reported that Gallagher had been charged with premeditated murder and aggravated assault — the latter stemming from alleged shootings of noncombatants.
  • Gallagher's charge sheet, obtained by Navy Times, also alleges the SEAL posed for a photograph next to the ISIS fighter's body, operated an aerial drone next to it to “complete his reenlistment ceremony next to a human casualty,” abused a controlled substance, and obstructed justice by trying to discourage other members of his unit from reporting his actions in Iraq.
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2nd Navy SEAL Charged Over Alleged Killing Of Detained ISIS Fighter