With its larger metropolitan areas, centers of commerce, vibrant culture scene, and breathtaking four seasons, the Northeast has a lot to offer veterans of all ranks who are transitioning from military to civilian life. The region is home to approximately 56 million people and countless businesses. Those former service members or military family members who are looking for great opportunities with companies that understand the value of military training and service should explore the variety of full and part-time openings with these five Hirepurpose partner companies.

Veterans In The Northeast Should Definitely Explore These 5 Great Companies

Finance, risk management, and information security jobs with State Street

State Street, a global financial services solutions provider that employs over 29,000 people worldwide, has 345 jobs available in the Boston, Massachusetts, area. State Street has an active military employee and family member network, an amazing set of benefits and a focus on developing its employees. Job types range from paid internships to high-level financial management positions. Veterans or family members who have an aptitude for numbers, an analytical nature, and some experience with financial services will be well-matched for most of these roles. Those with a bachelor’s degree or higher and risk-management or cybersecurity training will find themselves in high demand. If you don’t have a degree yet, but plan to use your VA benefits after leaving the service, you will want to explore its internships in marketing, operations, and financial management. State Street also has developed training programs with many of the Boston-area colleges like the University of Massachusetts, Holyoke Community College, and Greenfield Community College that can serve as a bridge for veterans looking to move from the military into a rewarding and profitable career with an innovative company.

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Veterans In The Northeast Should Definitely Explore These 5 Great Companies

Finance, data analysis, compliance and jobs and internships in New York

If the the fast-paced environment of New York City excites you, you will want to look at the opportunities that Guggenheim Partners has to offer in the Big Apple. Guggenheim Partners is a global investment and advisory firm with over $200 billion in assets under management. The firm operates a veterans transition assistance program dedicated to helping talented veterans move smoothly from military or school into the world of finance. The roles they have open now focus on financial services, legal web development, data analysis, compliance and information technology. Most jobs require several years of experience and at least a bachelor’s degree, however, accounting or finance majors with two years of college under their belt will want to look at their summer internship in Strategic Sourcing and Expense Management.

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Veterans In The Northeast Should Definitely Explore These 5 Great Companies

Broadcast journalism, information technology, sales and account management roles with Cablevision in the Northeast

Cablevision, a leading telecommunications and media company that serves over 3.5 million customers, is looking for talented veterans who have excellent writing and editing skills, public relations, sales, information technology, or customer-facing experience to join its teams in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Those who served in military occupational specialties such as public relations officer, mass communications specialist, protocol, combat correspondent, or related jobs will want to look into their many writing, editing, broadcast, and photography and production roles. Other positions include web developer, entry-level customer service, account executive, technical network engineer, and more. Most openings require at least 60 college credits, however, comparable military training and certifications serve as substitutions for a degree, leaving the realm of possibility wide open for transitioning service members who want to jump into the world of telecommunications and media in the Northeast area. Benefits include free cable, internet and home phone. For salaries under $50,000 full benefits are free. There are also bonus opportunities, so potential earnings are much higher than base salary alone.

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Veterans In The Northeast Should Definitely Explore These 5 Great Companies

Marketing, information engineering, sales, and security positions with McGraw-Hill Education in the Northeast

If education, marketing, sales, information engineering or security, or law enforcement are your areas of interest or expertise, then you should look at the amazing jobs with worldwide education science provider, McGraw-Hill Education, that are located in New York and Massachusetts. McGraw-Hill makes significant effort to recruit and support veterans for their integrity, leadership and organizational skills and has been named one of the “Top 100 places to work for college graduates” by Universum Global. Positions of all levels are available to former service members and military spouses from varying backgrounds. Internships require enrollment in college, excellent communications, and computer skills and a heck of a lot of motivation. Higher-level information engineering, security, marketing, account management, or business positions require a bachelor’s degree or comparable experience as well as demonstrated knowledge of the techniques, software and skills needed to perform the duties required for the position.

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Veterans In The Northeast Should Definitely Explore These 5 Great Companies

Medical, chemical, and data analytics positions with Pfizer in the Northeast

Pfizer, one of the world’s top biotechnology companies, is actively seeking former soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines who served in military roles that specialized in health care, chemistry, data analytics, public health or biological engineering. Pfizer is on the cutting edge of medical discovery and fosters a culture of leadership, integrity and service. The company also provides a great portfolio of employee benefits and operates site-based veterans resource groups to help military members feel right at home. Doctors and nurses, as well as chemists and medical data analysts will find great openings with Pfizer across Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey. Most roles are appropriate for former senior enlisted or officers or spouses with significant education and experience.

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