Watch Tigers Tear A Drone Out Of The F**cking Sky

James Clark Avatar

You are never more screwed than when a Siberian tiger, aka nature’s wrath incarnate, is bearing down on you. The only way you can be more fucked is if there’s a dozen tigers on your tail. Here’s a fun fact: A pack of tigers is actually called an ambush, or a streak, which is what you’ll leave in your pants when you see them coming.

And if you’re a stupid robot floating around a cage of tigers in China’s Heilongjiang province, you don’t feel fear — you’re not alive — but you will get ripped to shreds. Which is exactly what happened in a video posted to China Central Television showing an ambush of tigers hunting a very different kind of pray: a drone.

It appears to be a DJI Inspire, which is normally very stable notes Gizmodo, which posted the video on Feb.23, until it draws the attention of a group of tigers, and is swatted from the sky, then promptly torn to shreds.

Because fuck drones.