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US and Chinese senior military leaders are talking again, Biden says

Direct ties between senior U.S. and Chinese military leaders have been restored following a rough patch last year when a Chinese spy balloon overflew the United States, President Joe Biden told reporters on Thursday. In November, both Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed to resume military-to-military communication, which Beijing had suspended after House Speaker […]

Air Force engineer charged with cover up in Marine KC-130 crash that killed 16

A catastrophic propeller failure that ripped apart a Marine Corps KC-130T during a 2017 flight, killing 15 Marines and one sailor on board, was more than just a mechanical failure, federal prosecutors say. The deadly crash traces back, officials say, to faulty inspections half-a-decade earlier which an Air Force civilian engineer approved and then covered […]

Here are the ships the U.S. plans to sink in the Pacific this summer

While many Americans think of summer as the perfect season to hit the pool for a float, U.S. service members in the Pacific are thinking about what they’re going to sink. In live fire exercises dubbed “SINKEXs,” troops in the region have already sunk two ships from the air and the land, with one big […]

Navy fires captain of ship that ran aground in Africa

Navy Capt. Lenard C. Mitchell has been fired as commanding officer of the USS Hershel “Woody” Williams’ Gold Crew following an investigation into how the ship ran aground in May off the coast of west Africa, service officials have announced. “While the investigation is still open, sufficient findings of fact emerged during the investigation to […]

Former soldier pleads guilty to threatening mass shooting at Fort Irwin

An ex-soldier pleaded guilty to a federal charge for threatening to kill Army members stationed at Fort Irwin this week. Christian Beyer entered his guilty plea on Friday, June 28, more than half a year after he was taken into custody in Northern California.  Beyer, 42, posted a series of videos to YouTube in October […]

New Army rules target extremists and gang activity

The Army released new directives Wednesday aimed at defining “extremist” and gang-related activity, two ideas that leaders have long struggled to spot within the ranks. The new rules direct new training and spell out guidance to commanders on how to handle soldiers who may be affiliated with groups widely viewed as dangerous. The new rules […]

Troops caught up by anti-gay UCMJ rules will get White House pardons

U.S. troops who were convicted under a now-defunct military law that targeted gay service members will receive formal pardons, the White House announced Wednesday. “Today, I am righting an historic wrong by using my clemency authority to pardon many former service members who were convicted simply for being themselves,” President Joe Biden said in a […]

Air Force general pleads guilty to inappropriate relationship, still faces court martial

On the eve of facing trial for sexual assault, a two star Air Force general pleaded guilty to lesser charges, including an inappropriate relationship with a subordinate officer and adultery. Maj. Gen. Phillip Stewart’s court martial on more serious charges including sexual assault is expected to continue this week. Stewart originally pleaded not guilty in […]

The Joint Logistics Over-The-Shore is a capability, not just a pier

Former Navy utility boat coxswain Jarod Palm has been watching the struggles of the Navy’s Gaza Trident Causeway with a knowing eye. In the Navy, Palm was assigned to a Navy Seabee command and trained some of those operating the Gaza Trident Causeway pier. He’s seen firsthand what contributes to some of the problems with […]

An Air Force rescue vehicle crash left two airmen permanently disabled

An Air Force officer and NCO both suffered catastrophic injuries when the burly off-road rescue vehicle they were riding in rolled over and ejected them during a training event in the Northern Mariana Islands in early 2023. An accident investigation board found the driver, a special warfare captain, was driving too fast, had no training […]