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6 camping water filters to keep you hydrated in any clime and place

What’s the most important thing to pack when you step off for a hike, camping trip, or field exercise? Famed collegiate football player and hydration expert Robert Boucher Jr. will tell you it’s none other than high-quality H2O

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6 cigar humidors for the aspiring aficionado

If you enjoy a cigar every now and then, treat it right and keep it fresh

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9 of the best MOLLE pouches money can buy

Whether you’re out in the wilderness or traversing an urban jungle, few accessories are as versatile and useful as a tried-and-true MOLLE pouch

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5 survival kits that won’t fail you when everything else does

If you’re going to have a survival kit, you’d better make sure it’s set up to succeed in the environments you’re most likely to encounter

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The ultimate lighter for your everyday carry

Most people are content with a cheap, unreliable lighter from the checkout counter at the gas station. Don't be that guy