Rachel Brune

Rachel A. Brune

Rachel A. Brune served five years as a military journalist with the U.S. Army, including two tours in Iraq and a brief stint as a columnist for her hometown newspaper. After commissioning as a military police officer, she continued to write and has published articles for a number of military and civilian news publications, as well as short fiction stories and two novels.

Recent articles from Rachel A. Brune

1st Lt. Emille Prosko gives orders to her platoon during the react to indirect fire lane, Nov. 15, 2011, during the U.S. Army in Europe's Best Junior Officer Competition at the Grafenwoehr Training Area.
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Screenshot from NBC's trailer for its new television drama "American Odyssey."
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Army veteran Nadine Noky shows off one of the tank tops from her collection.
Job Envy: This Army Vet Launched Her Own Clothing Company For Servicewomen And Veterans
29-year-old Nadine Noky combined her military experience and degree in fashion to launch her own clothing line for women in the military.
Rob Warner, a wounded Marine, stands next to his prize-winning catch during Warrior Weekend 2011.
One Vet’s Mission To Change The Lives Of Wounded Warriors Through Fishing
A new documentary shares retired Marine Col. Eric Hastings’ mission to help wounded warriors by teaching them to fly fish.
Army Sgt. Nathan Stivers takes shelter from the elements to read a book Christmas Day in Logar province, Afghanistan.
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women in the military
The Historic And Evolving Role Of Women In The Military
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Training the trainers
Innovation In The Army, Part III: How to Position Yourself as an Innovator
Veterans who actively work to position themselves to contribute as innovators and innovation leaders in the civilian world also benefit the military.
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Here are three military practices that educational institutions may find useful when embarking on their own sexual assault reform efforts.