Military Millennials Don’t Know How To Reach Their Lofty Spending Goals

A recently released Navy Federal Credit Union survey revealed a gap between millennial service members’ concerns about their financial solvency and how they manage their money.

The vast majority of the 1,312 respondents polled have lofty financial goals, both short term and long term, but don’t believe they have the financial knowledge to achieve them.

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In the report, which was conducted by Forrester Consulting Solutions, only 47% of military millennials say they know enough to meet their financial goals — a much lower percentage than respondents in years previous. Still, 92% place a high importance on retirement, and 83% hope to purchase a home within the next five years.

“While the majority of millennials feel they don’t know enough about how to manage their finances, they don’t seek out professional or outside guidance as they prefer to do their own research and make their own financial decisions,” reads the report.