Robert O'Neill, the SEAL Team 6 veteran who gained fame for claiming he killed Osama bin Laden, has a message for Americans everywhere: Go own your life.

“Well, I kinda getting sick of this, and I hope you are too,” O'Neill said in a video posted to Twitter. “I'm tired of the angry mob telling us how to do what we're going to do.”

“Go ahead and go buy yourself a flag, go hang it on your house, car, or truck,” O'Neill continues, an American flag hanging from a flagpole over his shoulder. “Never be afraid to own it.”

The camera pans down to O'Neill's shirt: “Own your life.”

That's it? The tweet includes a link to O'Neill's website, which I presume means he wants you to agree with his message and then buy shit from him.

This is fine advice I suppose, but can anyone explain to me what the ever-loving fuck O'Neill is talking about? And why wasn't this shot in the cab of a Ford F-150?

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