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Welcome to The Gear List, a semi-regular series where we spotlight the best discounts and deals on tactical gear, outdoor equipment, and everything in between.

Once your hearing starts to deteriorate, there’s no getting it back. Looking super tough or pinching pennies by shooting without ear pro or with basic foamies will cost you in the long run — just ask any older shooter and remember to speak up. So when we saw one of our favorite value picks for active hearing protection marked down 31 percent, we couldn’t waste any time bringing you the good news, plus some bonus deals on other gear we recommend.

These prices were valid at press time, but prices can change and deals do expire.

Price: $58.99 (was $84.99)
Seller: Amazon

Peltor’s entry-level Sport Tactical 100 represents a budget-friendly way to upgrade your ear pro to the active variety. Compared to traditional over-ear hearing protection, which physically blocks sound from reaching your ear, active alternatives like this one reduce loud noises while allowing voices and other normal sounds to pass through. This is accomplished with external microphones and internal speakers, and the sophistication of those electronic components dictates price.

These electronic earmuffs reduce excessive noise by a claimed 22 decibels. That’s adequate for most of the small arms you’ll shoot (and hear others shoot) at the range. Handguns, shotguns, and most rifles will be hushed to a much more manageable noise level. Larger rifles and weaponry you’d encounter in the U.S. military will overpower what the Sport Tactical 100 can handle, so keep that in mind if you plan on using these at work.

As you now know, the quality of electronic components has an outsized influence on price, so the affordable cost of the Sport Tactical 100 should give you an idea of the audio quality. It’s certainly not going to be as deep and nuanced as your natural hearing, but it can certainly get the job done better than passive hearing protection. This popular Peltor was a bargain at ful price; at 31 percent off, we’re not sure why you’re still reading instead of buying.

Camping / Tactical / Outdoors

LifeStraw personal water filter two-pack / was $39.95, now $26.08 / Amazon
Coleman six-person cabin tent / was $199.99, now $174.99 / Amazon
Coleman rainfly for six-person cabin tent / was $44.99, now $29.59 / Amazon
Coleman CPX 6 personal LED lantern / was $54.99, now $31.02 / Amazon
Energizer LED headlamp / was $21.99, now $16.10 / Amazon
Klymit Pillow X / was $29.95, now $17.49 / Amazon
Oakley Gascan / was $110.00, now $60.50 / Woot

Tools / Gear

Kershaw Cryo G10 folding knife / was $48.30, now $37.63 / Amazon
Gerber Freeman Guide folding knife / was $34.44, now $30.78 / Amazon
Old Timer 70T Cave Bear folding knife / was $36.10, now $20.79 / Amazon
CRKT Chogan Hammer tomahawk / was $52.06, now $48.25 / Amazon
Intelitopia knife sharpening set / was $58.99, now $36.67 / Amazon
Gerber keyring multitool / was $14.99, now $ 11.88 / Amazon
Craftsman 92-piece mechanics tool set / was $449.00, now $224.50 / Lowe’s
Tissot Men’s Chrono XL / was $395.00, now $249.00 / Amazon
Casio W800H / was $19.95, now $14.00 / Amazon

Home / Cooking

NutriChef air fryer / was $109.99, now $67.50 / Amazon
Black + Decker waffle iron / was $49.99, now $17.79 / Amazon
George Foreman griddle / was $39.99, now $29.30 / Amazon
Cuisinart toaster / was $42.96, now $37.10 / Amazon
Wusthof Classic Ikon five-inch nakiri knife / was $139.95, now $89.95 / Williams Sonoma
Shark Navigator vacuum / was $219.99, now $164.00 / Lowe’s