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It says a lot about you for choosing a SIG Sauer P365 as your everyday carry gun. It means you don’t like to compromise ammo capacity for carry-ability. You value reliability. You’re well-dressed, have great hair, and like long, armed walks on the beach — okay, I’m just guessing about that last part. Now you’re looking for the best P365 holster. You’re in luck, because we can help you. 

In this article, we’ll help you choose the best SIG P365 holsters for any occasion based on our personal experience with the firearm. Read on to find out about the best SIG P365 holsters for you.


How did we decide which holsters were worthy of your hard-earned cash? For this article, the main source we drew from was personal experience. I carry concealed more days than not, I’ve used holsters of myriad designs and materials, and I’ve spent a lot of time carrying in all of the most common carry positions, so these experiences inform the picks in this article. 

For particular holsters or brands that we haven’t had first-hand experience with, we did a deep dive into the manufacturer’s websites to glean detailed information to determine the best holster for the SIG P365. Because the P365 is specifically designed for CCW, we focus on SIG P365 concealed-carry holsters more than other styles. Lastly, we crowdsourced reviews and included only the most consistently highly-rated contenders. Below is a list of criteria used to determine the winners.

  1. Comfort: Given that the P365 is specifically designed for EDC, and the number one am-I-going-to-carry-today factor for most folks is comfort, this aspect was given the most weight when determining top contenders.
  2. Concealability: After comfort, the next most important factor for a CCW holster is concealability. Granted, most of us aren’t going on deep-cover missions to places we can’t say we went, but even for the suburban grocery store run, we don’t want a Karen sounding the alarm that we have a gun in aisle five because, although we’re not in the wrong, no one wants to deal with a Karen.
  3. Price: For all but the one percent, value for the dollar is an ever-present consideration.
  4. Draw speed: “This guy’s an idiot, he put draw speed at number four when it should be number one.” See number one. As much as we’d all like to think that when the day comes, we’ll out-draw the bad guy like a scene from Maverick, in reality, what really matters is: Do you have your CCW gun or not?
  5. Build quality/material: Thickness of kydex/leather? Rivets vs screws? Belt clip material?
  6. Extra features: Light/laser/optics compatible? Color options? Patented/proprietary features?
Best Overall

If you’re looking for a CCW holster to carry all day, every day, with max concealability, the Urban Carry G3 is that holster. The unique design and draw stroke might be easy for armchair commandos to turn their noses up at given the slightly slower draw speed and unconventional draw stroke, and while you may not find it on the belt of the latest action hero, this holster wins the best holster for the SIG P365 overall for several reasons.

This is the most comfortable SIG P365 holster I’ve ever used, hands-down. The major pain point with AIWB holsters is the grip of the gun constantly rubbing into my muffin top while doing day-to-day chores, and then straight up jabbing me in the same muffin top when I sit down. With three- to four-o’clock carry, the issue is usually concealability. No one wants a Karen sounding the alarm that we have a gun in aisle five because, although we’re not in the wrong, who wants to deal with a Karen? The G3 rides below the waistband (BWB), entirely mitigating the pokey grip issue because the gun rides with your leg while walking, running, biking, bending, and yes, sitting (I can confirm as I’ve done all of the previous activities with this holster). The design, while unconventional, offers unparalleled comfort as well as concealability.

The main drawback to the BWB design is draw speed, as retrieving your gun from the holster requires an additional draw stroke. Also, the optional BWB mag holster, while comfy and concealable, requires two hands to retrieve, making mag changes problematic in the very unlikely event you need more than 10 rounds to defuse any situation. Lastly, the holster leather is relatively stiff and uncomfortable at first. The leather is high-quality and durable, so it needs a little time to break in (Urban Carry recommends 24 hours of wear for its saddle-grade leather and 72 hours for its English bridle leather). Just give a bit of time, and after the break-in period, you’ll never look back.

Product Specs
  • Material: Supple leather, brown or black, either saddle grade (standard) or English bridle (premium)
  • Retention: Urban Carry’s Lock Leather clip passively grabs the leading edge of the trigger guard. If a light or laser is used, retention is achieved with a strong magnet sewn into the holster.
  • Carry position: Appendix below-the-waistband (BWB)
  • Belt clip: Coated spring steel
  • Light/laser/optics compatible: Yes
  • Extra mag option: Yes
  • Special features: This holster rides entirely below the waistband and your gun is secured either with Urban Carry’s Lock Leather hybrid clip, or a strong magnet depending on gun configuration.

Hands-down, the most comfortable CCW holster I’ve ever used

Extremely concealable

Slick website holster customization tool


Slower draw time than typical CCW holster

Reloading from optional extra mag holster is cumbersome

We The People makes a wide array of holsters and has a good reputation for value. Most of its base models retail at around $40. While there are less expensive holsters out there, spending less than $40 for a holster you plan to use regularly is one hell of a gamble. Also, for those of us who like to put our money where our patriotism is, they’re 100 percent made in America, which gives this reviewer a warm-and-fuzzy.

We The People’s P365 IWB, like all of its holsters, is constructed from 0.08-inch Kydex, which is thick enough to hold its shape and retention under stress, but thin and light enough to not add unnecessary weight or bulk. We The People offers an optic-compatible RDS version for those of you who eschew SIG’s excellent tritium iron sights, which come standard with the P365, for a high-speed red dot optic. WTP’s IWB holsters are easily adjustable for ride height, cant and carry position, features not often present on a budget-priced holster. Lastly, if you want to kick that grip a little tighter into your gut to reduce printing, there is an optional holster claw available for an additional charge.

While Kydex is waterproof, rugged, and economical, a 100 percent Kydex IWB holster is not always the most comfortable choice for all-day carry when compared to a more expensive leather/Kydex hybrid or a 100 percent leather option. For any entry-level holster, there will be compromises, and the P365 IWB from We The People is no exception. While still a good value for the dollar, it does not offer a light/laser compatibility option like other higher-end IWB brands, so if potential low light situations keep you up at night, you may have to look elsewhere for an IWB holster. That said, if you’re looking for a solid SIG P365 appendix holster, look no further.

Product Specs
  • Material: 0.08 inch Kydex, multiple color/pattern options
  • Retention: Molded detent passively grabs the trigger guard with an audible click
  • Carry position: Each holster is user-modifiable for multiple carry positions, ride heights, and cants.
  • Light/laser/optics compatible: RDS version available for optics, no light/laser option
  • Extra mag option: No
  • Specia features: Highly adjustable for ride height, cant, and carry position / optional holster claw for max concealability

For the money, a feature-packed holster

Highly adjustable for ride height/cant, carry position

Open muzzle, compatible with threaded barrels


Not light/laser compatible

100% Kydex is often not optimal for all day carry comfort

Honorable Mention

If you’re looking for a P365 holster that’s easier to put on and take off than your favorite pair of sneakers while still rocking some premium holster features, this is that holster. Crossbreed makes some excellent products, and the Freedom Carry IWB is no exception.

The Freedom Carry was designed to be fast and simple to don and doff, and to work with many different carry positions in case your choice of attire or your chores for the day excludes one or more. Any holster that eliminates barriers to carrying concealed is a winner in my opinion, and not having to wrangle multiple belt clips while your hands are full achieves that goal. The Freedom Carry IWB is a leather/Kydex hybrid, offering the comfort of leather against your body with some of the passive retention and durability of Kydex. The holster is secured to your belt with an excellent powder-coated spring steel clip that is more than stiff enough to provide retention while not so rigid that it takes two hands to put on. Crossbreed offers several clip styles, from the traditional over-the-belt clip to their J clip which hooks over your pants but behind the belt for extra incognito points to their V clip which is hidden entirely behind your belt and secures to the back of the belt with Velcro. The Freedom Carry also comes in three different leather grades and several Kydex colors.

No holster is without compromise, and the major compromise with a single-clip holster that is this easy to use is stability. One belt clip simply can’t keep the holster from auto-adjusting the cant from moment to moment the way two clips can, which is not ideal if you have to draw in a hurry. For similar reasons, a single-clip holster isn’t usually quite as comfortable to carry all day as a double-clip holster.

Product Specs
  • Material: Leather/Kydex hybrid / Crossbreed offers three leather grades and several Kydex colors
  • Retention: Hybrid holsters rely on pressure from your body on the leather and a passive friction/click fit against the Kydex
  • Carry position: Ideal for appendix in the waistband (AIWB) but will accommodate many carry positions
  • Belt clip: Premium, powder-coated medium-gauge spring steel
  • Light/laser/optics compatible: Yes to all three
  • Extra mag option: No, but Crossbreed does offer holsters with paired mag carriers and stand-alone mag carriers
  • Special features: Three leather grades and several Kydex colors to choose from

Designed to be compatible with most carry positions

Very easy on/off, single belt clip deSIGn

Premium powder-coated spring steel belt clips with multiple clip styles

Lifetime warranty


Not as stable as a two-belt clip holster

Not typically the most comfortable style for all-day carry

If you’re one who doesn’t understand the hubbub about appendix carry and will never stray from the tried-and-true strong-side IWB, we’ve got you covered. We pick the Crossbreed Minituck for the best P365 IWB holster on account of its comfort, quality, adjustability, and build options.

First and foremost, the Minituck and its big brother, the Supertuck, are well-known for their industry-leading all-day carry comfort. Crossbreed holsters rock consistently excellent build quality and have all the customization you’d expect from a premium holster such as adjustable ride height and cant, three grades of leather, several Kydex color options, and light/laser compatibility. All Crossbreed holsters are backed by a lifetime warranty and an uncommon “try it for two weeks for free” option. Lastly, those belt clips, man! Seriously, Crossbreed has the absolute best powder-coated spring steel belt clips on the market, and the clips come in several styles, from the traditional over-the-belt clip to its J clip which hooks over your pants but behind the belt for extra incognito points, to its V clip which is hidden entirely behind your belt and secures to the back of the belt with Velcro for government spook-level concealability.

In this author’s humble opinion, the only downsides to this holster are the price (slightly more expensive than many IWB options), and the fact that it’s strong-side only (you’ll never convince me that AIWB isn’t the way to go).

Product Specs
  • Material: Leather/Kydex hybrid / Crossbreed offers three leather grades and several Kydex colors.
  • Retention: Hybrid holsters rely on pressure from your body on the leather and a passive friction/click fit against the kydex.
  • Carry position: Strong side in the waistband (IWB)
  • Belt clip: Premium, powder-coated medium-gauge spring steel
  • Light/laser/optics compatible: Yes
  • Extra mag option: No, but Crossbreed does offer holsters with paired mag carriers and stand-alone mag carriers.
  • Special features: Adjustable for ride height and cant, try-it-free for two weeks

Specifically designed for strong-side carry of sub-and-compact pistols

Award-winning comfort for an IWB holster

Premium powder-coated spring steel belt clips with multiple clip styles

Lifetime warranty and try-it-free for two weeks


More expensive than many IWB carry options

No integrated extra mag option (stand-alone mag carriers available)

When it comes to retention, the Alien Gear Shapeshift holster is out of this world. While there are many SIG P365 OWB holsters, only a few offer active retention. Why is active retention a big deal? Unless you only plan on open carrying while going solo outdoors, or around family and friends, it’s a good idea for your OWB holster to have active retention to protect you and your gun from — well — random ill-intentioned humans. Sure, you can conceal-carry an OWB holster, but it’s way more likely your gun will get spotted if it’s in an OWB holster, and without active retention, your P354 is ripe for the picking. The Alien Gear Shapeshift OWB also sports the unusual ability to deactivate the active retention, and go with passive instead if that’s your preference. As part of the larger Shapeshift ecosystem, this holster is also compatible with other Shapeshift bases should you want to change up your carry positions.

Alien Gear made the interesting decision to design the paddle so it can be twisted off your belt for easier on/off functionality. However, in the very unlikely event you get into a tussle with an above-mentioned human, they too can twist your entire holster off your belt, gun included. Call me paranoid, but I like to know my OWB holsters are coming off my belt, and my gun isn’t coming out of my OWB holster.

Product Specs
  • Material: “Superior” polymer throughout
  • Retention: Active retention actuated with thumb release, or passive retention
  • Carry position: Outside the waistband (OWB) strong-side paddle
  • Belt clip: Polymer paddle
  • Light/laser/optics compatible: No
  • Extra mag option: No
  • Special features: Choose between active retention with thumb release or passive retention

Part of a larger ecosystem of modular holster by Alien Gear

One of few OWB P365 holsters with active retention option

Made in America

“Forever” warranty with 30-day “test drive”


Twist-off paddle lacks security

For the die-hard leather holster aficionados out there, the Urban Carry LockLeather OWB might be the P365 holster for you. There’s no beating the look, smell, feel, and durability of a well-made 100 percent leather holster. Taking the time to condition the leather with some nice leather lube provides opportunity for a personal touch that you just don’t get with other types of holsters.

While I’m not crazy about an OWB holster with no active retention, this holster does offer much greater passive retention than any other strap/hoodless leather holster due to the proprietary LockLeather clip. The clip grabs the leading edge of your trigger guard, offering a passive click like you would expect from Kydex. Unfortunately, because this is a leather slide belt holster, there is no adjustment for ride height, cant, or retention force, but for those who swear by leather holsters, this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. Lastly, if boldly open-carrying is your thing, there’s no better-looking way to do it than with a 100 percent leather holster.

Product Specs
  • Material: “Premium” leather per Urban Carry’s website
  • Retention: Urban Carry’s LockLeather clip passively grabs the leading edge of the trigger guard
  • Carry position: Outside the waistband (OWB) strong side or cross draw
  • Belt clip: Leather slide belt
  • Light/laser/optics compatible: Not currently, but per Urban Carry’s website, these options are coming soon
  • Extra mag option: Yes
  • Special features: Your gun is secured with Urban Carry’s Lock Leather hybrid clip inside this leather holster.

Comfort and aesthetics of leather with the passive retention of Kydex

Given the unique benefits of the holster, retails at a reasonable price


Not adjustable for ride height/cant/retention

Currently no optics/light/laser compatibility (coming soon per Urban Carry’s website)

I promise, I’ve got a very good reason for differentiating between holsters for guys and holsters for ladies, and that reason is this: attire. Now, if you’re of the masculine persuasion and skirts and crop tops are your thing, then I’m there for it, but generally guys have it easier than our fairer counterparts in many respects, and clothing is one of them. Ladies have exponentially more clothing options than the guys, and that can limit holster choices.

The ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster for the SIG P365 goes a long way toward mitigating wardrobe/holster incompatibility because it can be worn anywhere around the torso from the belly to the upper chest. The neoprene material is relatively breathable in all but the warmest weather and band tension is fully adjustable with the Velcro closure. This holster is also one of the few that can be easily used with workout attire/during workouts, so if you live in BFE like this guy, where our closest and most numerous neighbors have four legs, live in packs, and like to eat our chickens, a belly-band holster is most appreciated.

The most significant downside for belly band holsters is generally this: Don’t expect to beat anyone to the draw at the OK Corral. Also, having a neoprene band hugging your midsection can take a little getting used to, but eventually you don’t notice it as much.

Product Specs
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Retention: Elastic strap with snap button
  • Carry position: Can be worn at any level between the belly and upper torso
  • Light/laser/optics compatible: To an extent
  • Extra mag option: Yes
  • Special features: Extra pouch for small items, knives, etc.

Can be worn regardless of attire

Extremely concealable

Breathable neoprene construction


Much slower draw time than a typical CCW holster

Constriction of the band takes some getting used to

Our verdict on the best holsters for the SIG P365

For those who value all-day-everyday comfort and 007 concealability, the Urban Carry G3 is the holster for you. If you’re on a budget and need a solid CCW holster, look no further than the We The People AIWB. And, if you want a quality holster that boasts ease of use over all else, consider the Crossbreed Freedom Carry IWB

Don’t agree? Did I ruffle some feathers with my picks? Let me know in the comments below.

What to consider when buying a SIG P365 holster

When shopping for a holster, understanding the general types is key. The type of holster is determined by the situation the holster will be used in (concealed carry, open carry, etc.) as well as where the holster is on your body (appendix, below the waistband, outside the waistband, etc.). Once you know what type of holster you need, the next consideration is the features incorporated into the holster (materials, compatibility with gun accessories, retention).

Types of SIG P365 holsters

Outside the waistband (OWB)

OWB means the gun is outside of, or hanging from, your belt. OWB-carry offers comfort over any other consideration. The grip and muzzle aren’t nestled next to your spare tire and/or nethers and therefore can’t jostle/pinch/prod them. OWB-carry also enables the fastest draw times as you’re typically not having to sweep away your No Step on Snek t-shirt to access your freedom seed planter. However, the trade-off for that comfort and Billy the Kid draw speed is highly reduced concealability. As the gun is outside of your pants and belt, it is much more difficult to keep it concealed from the prying eyes of Karens everywhere. Lastly, your carry positions are somewhat limited with OWB-carry compared to IWB.

Inside the waistband (IWB)

IWB means the gun is tucked between your belt and you. IWB-carry values concealability over comfort and draw speed. Your gun, depending on carry position, is either nestled up against your love handles or your nethers, which makes it less likely to be spotted by a casual observer, but more likely to make you curse that crème-filled long john you just had as the grip chafes your “little bit extra” around the midsection. 

Appendix IWB (AIWB, sometimes considered its own category) eliminates the love handle problem, but introduces the baby bump/family jewels problem. For those who do carry IWB, appendix seems to be slowly taking over as the preferred carry position due to better concealability and more natural draw stroke. If you do choose to carry IWB, please commit to muscle memory the motions required to sweep away your outer garment and access your firearm, as that movement changes based on what you’re wearing.

Below the waistband (BWB)

A BWB holster drops the whole firearm, grip and all, below your beltline. The gun rides roughly between 11 and one o’clock. BWB is relatively new, and only a few holster makers offer this option. If you read the article above, you know that a BWB holster won my best overall on account of its above-average comfort and extreme concealability. The advantages are that the gun moves with your leg and is never pinching your muffin top, and there is no grip exposed above your beltline to betray the presence of your peacemaker. The major drawback of a BWB holster is draw speed because it requires an extra draw stroke (you have to pull almost the entire holster out of your pants and then draw the gun), but that can be partially mitigated with training and practice.

Shoulder and ankle

Shoulder carry puts the gun against or just below your pectoral muscle, with the muzzle pointing toward your deltoid. Ankle carry has the gun strapped around your ankle, either medial (inside) or lateral (outside) relative to your other leg. These two carry methods are much less common. Shoulder carry requires that a coat be worn for concealment, and ankle carry obviously requires pants, and watching someone draw from the ankle is pretty entertaining (and slow).

Key features of a SIG P365 holster

Holster material

The most common materials used to make holsters are leather, kydex or polymer, and neoprene. The 100 percent Kydex or polymer holsters are rigid, durable, weather-/water-/sweat- proof, come in OWB and IWB versions, and typically offer either active “lever press” or passive “click” retention, but are usually less comfortable than leather or neoprene holsters. 

Hybrid holsters are half leather and half kydex, boasting the comfort of leather against the body with the passive retention of Kydex. Hybrids are almost exclusively found only in IWB variants and therefore offer no active retention. 

The 100 percent leather holsters, with the exception of the few BWB holsters, are usually for OWB and shoulder carry uses and offer little to no retention (with the exception of Urban Carry Holsters’ LeatherLock). Neoprene is utilized mostly in belly band and ankle holsters.

Accessory compatibility

If your carry gun sports a red dot sight, a laser aiming device, or a tactical light, then it is important to make sure your holster can accommodate those attachments. Budget holsters typically have limited options to accommodate gun accessories. Most holsters that can fit a light or optics make you choose your specific accessory, by make and model, when you are building your holster on their website.


Retention asks the question: “How tight does your holster hold your gun?” By and large, most IWB holsters use passive “click” retention. This means the holster is intentionally undersized in a particular area (typically the trigger guard), making you push the gun past that point when you will hear a click indicating the pistol is held in place. 

Passive retention protects against tumbles and hanging upside down (what, that never happens to you guys?) but not against bad guys trying to take your gun. Active retention mechanically locks your pistol into the holster until you press a button or lever to release it. Most 100 percent leather holsters have no retention, meaning the gun will fall out if turned upside down.


The simplest holsters cost less than $20. Those have been excluded from this review because they either lack trigger protection, or their construction is not sufficient to withstand daily use. A basic Kydex or polymer holster that meets minimum safety and durability criteria will set you back about $40. If you want light/laser/optics compatibility and leather components, you’re looking at around $70 for good quality. Premium, custom, or proprietary holsters can cost more than $100.

Tips and tricks

As with something you do for decades upon decades, you pick up a few tips and tricks along the way in terms of selecting the right product, and/or using it. That’s the case with us and the best holsters for the SIG P365. To help you bridge the information gap, here’s a selection of what we’ve learned along the way.

  • Make sure your holster has a good return policy. Finding the right holster for you can take some trial and error, and the best brands have a 14- to 30-day trial period with free returns.
  • Find a gun shop with knowledgeable staff, ideally who will let you pick their brain about which holster might be best for your intended use, and try on various holsters in the store. 
  • Once you get a holster you like, don’t be afraid to modify it (depending on your level of handyman-ness) to make it even better. Punch a hole in the Kydex to adjust a belt clip. Trim some leather to fine-tune the fit.
  • Consider getting a small kit with rubber grommets, washers, T-nuts, and bolts to replace worn hardware, put on different belt clips, or further modify your holster to your liking.

FAQs about SIG P365 holsters

You’ve got questions, Task & Purpose has answers.

Q: What is the difference between the P365 and the P365 SAS?

A: The SAS (SIG Anti-Snag) is a streamlined, no-snag version of the P365. Most notably, the front sight is completely absent, replaced with a fiber optic/tritium sight mounted flush in the rear of the slide. The goal is to prevent the gun from catching on anything during the draw. The downside is that the lack of a front sight reduces accuracy and, therefore, the effective range of the pistol.

Q: Can you ankle-carry a SIG P365?

A: Yes, you can, and there are several ankle holsters available. Most ankle holsters are not pistol-specific, but rather they’re made of leather or neoprene and are either one-size-fits-most or require you to order a specific holster size (but not specific to a particular pistol). See above for limitations of ankle holsters.

Q: Can you put a red dot on a SIG P365?

A: Absotively! Wait — posolutely! SIG makes the P365 X and the P365 Romeo Zero. The X comes with a removable plate that reveals a red dot mounting location, and the Romeo Zero comes with the SIG red dot sight of the same name pre-installed.

Q: What is appendix carry?

A: When you’re appendix-carrying, you have an IWB holster positioned between roughly 11- and one-o’clock if 12 o’clock is your belly button. Appendix-carry boasts excellent concealability and a more natural draw stroke than strong-side carry, but most will agree that it is somewhat less comfortable as you’re either getting poked in the family jewels or thigh by the muzzle, or your baby bump is rubbing on/getting violated by the grip.