6 Hot Hospitality Jobs Veterans Should Be Applying To Right Now

Editor’s note: Committed to filling its ranks with talented members of the military community, Hilton Worldwide is a Hirepurpose client. Learn morehere.

With over 4,200 hotels in 93 countries around the world, Hilton Worldwide is the gold standard of the hotel and hospitality industry. Thousands of Americans across the country find employment through Hilton Worldwide. From part-time positions, to management careers, it offers diverse positions all over the United States. And since its founding, Hilton Worldwide has always prioritized military veterans on their families. In fact, Conrad Hilton, the man who established the company in 1919, was an Army veteran who served in World War I. Besides hospitality and exceptional guest experiences, Hilton Worldwide also emphasizes integrity, leadership, teamwork, ownership, and discipline. Sound familiar?

Last year, Hilton made a commitment to hire 10,000 veterans by 2018. Besides being extremely veteran and military spouse friendly, Hilton Worldwide offers extensive transition and education opportunities for its employees. The initiative brought in more than 53,000 applications and the company made approximately 3,300 hires across owned, managed, and franchised properties, and corporate offices through the first 13 months. Also, don’t forget about job security. People are not going to stop traveling anytime soon.

We’ve pulled six Hilton Worldwide job listings that were recently posted and are accepting applications right now. Not sure if hospitality is the right industry for you? These interesting and dynamic jobs might change your mind.

Manager of Revenue Management in San Francisco, California: As the Napoleon quote goes, “An army marches on its stomach.” Those who rock logistics skills in the military know the importance of keeping up inventory and making sure everyone’s got enough of what they need. Hotels require that same careful balance of demand and availability in order satisfy employee and guest needs. In this role, you’ll be managing inventories and maintaining the balance between demand and availability in beautiful San Francisco.

Bilingual Outbound Coordinator in Honolulu, Hawaii: Here’s where that rotation to Japan can really come in handy. If you have a good handle on speaking Japanese, now’s the chance to put those language skills to work for you. Plus, you’ll be working and living in perpetually sunny Hawaii. What’s not to like about that that?

Senior Manager Mobile Products in Addison, Texas: Did you maintain telecom systems while you served? Maybe you worked on Nett Warrior, or helped build training apps for mobile devices? The rapid pace of that kind of development is important here, too. And you’ll find a diverse set of needs from customers; just like the military, hotels have a large pool of different clients.

Security Officer in New Orleans, Louisiana: This position is pretty self-explanatory. Can you ensure the safety of guests and employees? Check. Do you know how to respond to emergency situations? Check. Can you effectively patrol and secure the perimeter of the hotel grounds? Check. This position is also great for veterans who don’t want to work nine-to-five since security shifts runs night and day.

Guest Services Manager in Colorado Springs, Colorado: Who can say no to a job in one of the most beautiful parts of the United States? If you aren’t familiar with the area, know that there are endless amounts of outdoor activities for you and your family when you aren’t working with Hilton’s awarding-winning brand, Hilton Garden Inn. As for the day-to-day responsibilities of guest services, they include managing operations, which is similar to running a base or a ship. And rather than striving to keep the brass happy, you’ll be taking care of the needs of Colorado snow bunnies.

Director of Digital Quality in Memphis, Tennessee: Anyone who has spent any time in the military knows the value of learning what tasks you need to improve, and what you need to sustain. If you’ve worked military information technology, you also know that it’s important to improve systems to enhance efficiency and stability. Hilton Worldwide wants that type of experience to ensure that any web products represent the brand well, and meet customers’ needs online.

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