A new commercial from Asics and Foot Locker describes the push that many veterans feel when they return home to their communities.

The advertisement stars Marco Reininger, an Army veteran in New York City. It shows Reininger on a routine run as he narrates what running was like in the Army.

“In the Army, I never ran alone. Every day, zero-four-thirty, first platoon hits the 6-mile track around base.”

The narration, the video’s message, is about much more than a run. It evokes the sense of community that many veterans feel. No one ever runs alone. It also speaks to the sense of ambition many veterans feel — the same ambition that led them to enlist or commission in the military in the first place.

“My platoon sergeant called it ‘the push’ — that fight within yourself to go harder, to give more. ‘How’d the push go?’ he’d ask,” Reininger says.

“‘Better than yesterday, worse than tomorrow’ — that was the only acceptable response.”

Watch the full video below: