Editor’s Note: The following story highlights job opportunities at RSM US LLP (“RSM”). Committed to including talented members of the military community in its workplace, RSM is a client of Hirepurpose, a Task & Purpose sister company. Learn more here.

A lot of veterans who’ve recently left the military have a difficult time maintaining their sense of purpose and mission outside of work. Wouldn’t it be great if you could work at a place that actually recognizes your background and gives you the resources to make a difference? That’s why you should check out RSM, a leading professional services firm that employees say feels more like a small business that is experiencing unprecedented growth and success.

RSM is the leading provider of audit, tax and consulting services focused on the middle market in the U.S. and abroad. The firm focuses on helping its people maintain a culture of balance, with a tight focus on the ‘work at hand,’ while creating an environment that attracts entry level people and experienced professionals from larger firms seeking a flexible work environment where they can apply their talents.

RSM is deliberate about its veteran recruiting and retention strategy. Many organizations are happy to ‘cut a check’ and make an announcement about their support of veterans, but that well-intentioned message isn’t always backed up by the hard work required to drive success and change. That’s not the case at RSM.

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Many large businesses support employee network groups (ENGs). These are affinity groups for employees who identify with a particular culture, demographic or cause. RSM supports 11 ENGs, recognizing that veterans cut across all categories when it comes to diversity.

If you think back to your time in service, you’ll probably agree that the military is one of the more diverse workforces in the U.S. Where else will you live and work in close quarters with people from all walks of life and backgrounds?

RSM recognizes the value that this experience brings, and hosts an active veterans’ ENG called Stars & Stripes. Stars & Stripes stands as a best-practice employee engagement organization for other companies to emulate for several reasons, and it starts with leadership.

Peter Pfeiffer, the regional managing business development director for RSM’s Northeast region, is the founding senior leader of Stars & Stripes. Not only has Pfeiffer led a successful career in the professional services world, he’s former Army captain who served in Special Operations. He knows that creating change takes time and effort, and he doesn’t get discouraged easily.

Pfeiffer and RSM sought to createan ENG that truly creates good and makes a difference. His philosophy: “Is what we’re doing good for the veteran?” Returning to that core question keeps the focus where it counts and helps to foster a meaningful experience for ENG members and the veteran community.

RSM hires people for their intellect, their skills and their leadership ability; this becomes apparent when you look to what Stars & Stripes works to achieve every day. Pfeiffer has continued to provide a guiding vision that provides the framework for the firm’s individual market leaders to conduct ENG business within the four pillars—Workplace, Workforce, Marketplace and Community.

For a recent leadership development initiative, RSM brought together new, high potential management consultants with several general officers where the officers shared their experiences and methods from recent combat deployments to achieve organizational change and maintain effectiveness in a shifting environment. This is the type of experience and knowledge that the average American will never have access to because of how few Americans have worn a military uniform.

In the Chicago market, RSM brought in a respected command sergeant major to mentor some of the firm’s rising professionals along the themes of servant leadership, accountability, and integrity. Behind every effective military leader is a host of motivated and talented noncommissioned officers. RSM wants to bring that capability and that strength to the civilian world in a way that few others have been able to achieve.

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