American and Czech troops in Afghanistan are under investigation for allegedly beating an Afghan Commando to death, The New York Times reported on Monday.

  • The 19-year-old commando, Wahidullah Khan, was in NATO custody after he was arrested for an insider attack against Czech soldiers at Shindand air base on Oct 22.
  • The attack killed Czech Cpl. Tomáš Procházka, 42, and wounded two other Czech soldiers.
  • According to The Times, Khan was arrested for the attack within hours by Afghan troops who then transferred him to NATO custody.
  • Afghan officials told The Times that Khan was returned to them later that evening, around midnight, beaten and unconscious. He died a short time later.
  • The insider attack Khan was accused of carrying out came just days after the top American general in Afghanistan, Gen. Austin S. Miller, dodged another.
  • On Oct. 18, an Afghan bodyguard killed the Kandahar police chief, intelligence chief, and wounded the provincial governor, U.S. Army Gen. Jeffrey Smiley, and two NATO contractors.
  • Army Col. Dave Butler, a spokesman for Operation Resolute Support, confirmed an investigation had been opened. He told Task & Purpose the Army's Criminal Investigative Division “will investigate to determine whether any potential misconduct occurred, and we will hold individuals accountable, as appropriate.”

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American And Czech Troops Are Being Investigated For Allegedly Beating An Afghan Commando To Death