Will President Donald Trump Replace Secretary Of Defense James Mattis?

After recent allegations presented in Bob Woodward’s upcoming book Fear: Trump In The White House, Secretary of Defense James Mattis may be in the hot seat. Task & Purpose’s Jeff Schogol reports:

 … News broke that author Bob Woodward’s upcoming book portrays Mattis as frustrated with President Trump, especially after a meeting about North Korea, when the defense secretary allegedly vented to colleagues that Trump has the understanding of a “fifth- or sixth-grader.” (Mattis has called Woodward’s account “fiction.”)

So far, Trump has publicly supported Mattis, telling reporters on Wednesday the defense secretary will stay in his current job and he believes the quotes attributed to Mattis in Woodward’s book are fabricated.

“I asked him whether or not this was true,” Trump said as he met with Republican lawmakers. “He said: ‘Not only is it not true; I’d like to write a statement.’ I said: ‘Thank you very much. That’s very nice.’ He wrote the most beautiful statement. I think he’s a terrific person. He’s doing a fantastic job as secretary of defense.”

Despite Trump’s tweets in support of Mattis, the Washington Post reports that the White House is considering potential replacements.

Should Trump ditch Mattis or hold on to the beloved defense secretary? Let us know in the comments.