This week brought us some of the crude, the bad, and the ugly, with stories of corporate stolen valor, birth defects caused by contaminated base water supplies, and we look back at remembering the ultimate stunt pulled by a former service academy student. Here's your military news roundup.

  • Nike and apparel boutique Undefeated were accused of stolen valor after putting out a logo for a new collaboration that bore a striking resemblance to the U.S. Naval Academy coat of arms. Nike has not put out an official response to the controversy, but Naval Academy officials are sticking with claims of a clear trademark violation ahead of the apparel launch this weekend.
  • Lawmakers wrote a scathing letter regarding their concerns about service members drinking poisoned base water which has resulted in birth defects on 126 DoD installations. The $2 billion plan to sort out the situation involves replacing the bad pipes with the same exact danger causing pipes, just newer. 

And this week’s Military Flashback Friday

  • West Point Academy drop-out Caleb Stevens returned from fighting the ISIS with a Kurdish militia group by entering a Chicago ER with his mom back in February and announcing that he needed medical attention for a week-old gunshot wound. After disclosing that he'd be shot in Syria, local police showed up to his hospital room accusing him of being a terrorist. He's fine now, though!