The Navy’s top enlisted sailor is under investigation for diva-esque antics that would put a pop star to shame, Navy Times reported on Friday.

  • More than a dozen sailors who have worked for Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy Steven Giordano told Navy Times that Giordano has made excessive demands on his staff, including ordering subordinates to collect luggage for his hotel rooms and pushing his staff to ask the Navy to give him a set of fine china for formal dinners at his house.
  • “He is simply obsessed with the idea of being a three-star admiral and believes that he should have a chief petty officer assigned primarily to carry his cover and personal bag and take notes for him,” a former member of Giordano’s staff told Navy Times on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisal. “It was like working for a pop star or Hollywood diva.”
  • Sailors also said that Giordano is a toxic leader who is prone to bullying and outbursts of anger, according to the newspaper. The Navy’s inspector general office is now investigating Giordano after a sailor filed a complaint alleging that the MPCON fosters a hostile work environment.
  • A Navy spokesman declined to comment on the allegations against Giordano because the matter is under investigation. “The Navy takes all allegations of misconduct seriously,” Cmdr. William Speaks told Task & Purpose on Friday. “The Navy is conducting an investigation into this matter. As in all investigations, we will safeguard the rights of any complainant and protect the procedural rights of all parties.”