Meet Brady Foster. He’s one cool dude: a Marine, an Iraq War veteran, and an all around badass. He’s also the founder of K9 Gunner Tactical, a canine training and boarding outfit nestled in scenic Stewartsville, New Jersey.

Brady’s worn all kinds of hats in his life — warrior, college man, protection agent — but these days he spends his time at the K9 Gunner Tactical campus, where visitors are likely to encounter all kinds of pooches, from Lassies to working dogs. The facility is sweet AF, a wooded, 26-acre ranch-style compound complete with dozens of kennels and a vast arsenal of gear to help train pups and have an awesome time doing it.

Brady and his team have a good thing going on up in Stewartsville, where they provide uniquely crafted trainings for dogs big and small. They also film pretty dope videos, too. Check this one out, and follow them on Instagram @K9GunnerTactical.