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You moved. Now what?

Summer is almost upon us, which means PCS season is about to be in full swing. The excitement and stress of moving to a new duty station are enough to make even the most seasoned service member forget what needs to happen after they in-process. Here are the most important things you’re probably forgetting to […]

How To Be Comfortable Taking Real Initiative

At some point every service member, regardless of branch, MOS (military occupational specialty), or rank is aware that at a specific time, on a specific date, and from a specific place, that member will be released from their contractual service obligation and return to life as a civilian.  The time has flown by, and it […]

Career Center

In collaboration with RecruitMilitary, this career center acts as a hub of information regarding veteran job training, hiring, and career success.

Understanding Your Credit Card Terms Can Save You Hundreds

While the last few years haven’t been easy for anyone, it’s certainly given some people an opportunity to pick up some new spending habits (good and bad) at home. The ease in which you could find a new hobby, decide to take on a costly home improvement project, or even get sucked into an addictive […]

Hey veterans: We’ll pay you to play with cool gear and write about it

If there’s one thing that U.S. military service members know, it’s gear. From the mighty KA-BAR fighting knife to those night vision goggles you are terrified of losing, you’ve probably forgotten more about knives, multitools, flashlights, and paracord than most civilians will ever learn in a lifetime. We want you to share that knowledge with […]