Is Star Wars not Top Gun enough for you? Is Top Gun not X-Wing enough for you? 

Say no more fam, because a supercut of Star Wars X-Wing footage set to the classic Top Gun theme is going to rock your Wednesday like it’s 1986 in a galaxy far, far away.

Eagle-eyed fans will notice shots from not just the original Star Wars trilogy, but also the sequel trilogy and standalone Rogue One film. YouTube creator Jackson McKay said he waited for the most recent film, The Rise of Skywalker, to come out so that he could splice footage from that one too.

“[I]t seemed like a fun project to keep me occupied while we're all social distancing,” McKay wrote in the description of his video.

McKay's project isn't without precedent. At least five previous Star Wars/Danger Zone mashups were posted on YouTube in AprilMay and August of 2016, and in January and March, 2017. 

But it appears McKay's is the first to focus exclusively on X-Wings, which even I, a die-hard Empire fan boy, must admit is the second-coolest-looking star fighter in the universe (I'm sorry you just can't take the TIE Interceptor from me, you just can't.).

So zip up your orange flight suit, lock your s-foils into attack position and switch off your targeting computer, because we’re about to ride into … (squeaky falsetto) the danger zone!!