Here’s The Winner Of The Long March’s Mil-Speak Contest

The mil-speak contest votes are in, from the Army, the Marine Corps, the Navy, the Pentagon, the VA, and, yes, even the State Department. And the winner in our contest to write the best military sentence that is incomprehensible to civilians is entry no. 8, from William Treadway, who wrote, and I quote,

“You won’t believe this: A Troop SP’d from COP Sablaghay at 0430 on a MTC, CUOPS reported TIC at 0615, so Squadron FSO and his battle buddy Mike Golf adjusted POF and cleared a ROZ for the pink team to give the on-ground commander rotary fires, but Apache White *still* went black on Class V anyway down at the two-way firing range, so of course, the good idea fairy at the Brigade 4 shop brilliantly ordered a speedball full of Class I *only* and the -60s from Lift dropped them a K from the DZ on some poor SOB’s jingle truck rolling down RTE 1 and now Brigade ADSO says I’ve gotta do the GD AGAR on it!”

He gets a signed copy of one of my books.


Second place goes to no. 15, Jon Lindley, who offered, with poetic simplicity, “Check it out, fuckfaces, Top wants us to un-ass this AO like yesterday, then I need 2 for KP.”

Mark and Jon, please send me an e-mail ( with a good mailing address, and your prizes will follow.