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This is literally the mother of all leave requests

Some leave requests are works of art. This is one of them
Jared Keller Avatar

A leave request is surprisingly tricky business. A good leave request must be serious enough to pass muster, but lighthearted enough to provide a laugh for both service member and commander; honest enough to inform, but earnest enough to entertain. If done right, it’s a work of art; if poorly executed … well, you ain’t going nowhere.

In the past, we’ve been impressed but what we thought was the ‘manliest’ leave request in U.S. military history, a whiskey-drenched, gun-laden celebration of masculinity. But this, from our friend Doctrine Man, takes the cake:

Of course, we’re always on the hunt for better examples of a masterful leave request. Do you happen to have one in your possession? Hit me up at and we’ll publish yours here.