Did you ever crew a tank during your time in the U.S. armed forces? Did you ever name that tank? If the answer to both of these questions was 'yes,' then we have an important mission for you.

Here at Task & Purpose, we love a deliciously funny name for a piece of military might, from Chuck Norris and fictional Baby Yoda to crippling depression and 'dropped as a baby.' And to bolster our collection of truly excellent tank names, we need your help.

If you happen to have photo evidence of a remarkably-named tank in your possession, we'd love for you to share it with us either on Twitter or by email at 

If you're so inclined, feel free to share the story of how you named your tank as well. We'd love to include your submissions in a larger list of spectacular tank names.

I'll just say this ahead of time: tanks for the laughs.