The ex-Acting Navy Secretary’s last wish was to name a few ships. That didn’t happen, so we came up with some

The last thing acting Secretary of the Navy Thomas Modly wanted to do was name a ship. Since he never got that chance, we here at Task & Purpose decided to step in to help with a few ideas of our own.
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In his final few days as the acting Secretary of the Navy, Thomas Modly had one thing left he just had to get done — and it wasn’t reinstating Capt. Brett Crozier to his previous post as the commander of the USS Theodore Roosevelt.

No, Modly’s last act was to try to name the first of a new class of FFG(X) frigates the USS Agility, according to a report from USNI News.

“I am honored to name this entire class of fast frigates after the kind of uniquely American brand of agility — agility that wins, and agility that will shape our maritime presence and ability to fight wherever we are called upon to do so,” a buzzword-heavy draft announcement of the new names reportedly said.

However, seeing as Modly won’t get the chance to do that, we here at Task & Purpose figured we’d toss a few other suggestions into the ring now that the acting secretary is out.

Our first suggestion, is of course the USS COVI— WAIT! No, no, hell no. We’re not doing that. That’s as bad of an idea as sacking the commanding officer of a nuclear aircraft carrier for sending an email to too many people, then doubling down on that decision and flying thousands of miles to yell at the crew about how good of a decision it was, before suddenly turning around and apologizing because, you guessed it, it was a stupid decision. And then resigning. 

However, we do have some other suggestions for ship names in the same vein as the USS Agility that Modly could have used if, you know, all that hadn’t happened.

Without further ado:

USS Behoove

USS Piggyback

USS Great Power Competition

USS Lethality

USS Orientate

USS Joint All Domain Command And Control

USS Buzzword

USS Stupid and Naive

USS Morale Booster

USS Brett Crozier


USS Grooming Standards

USS Hands In Pockets

USS You Don’t Need To Like Your Job You Just Need To Do It

USS False Motivation Is Better Than No Motivation

USS How Many Investigations Are We On Now?

USS 30-50 Feral Hogs

USS Please God Someone Just Evacuate Us Already