The Month In Military Stupidity: Reliefs, Mongolian Prostitutes, And Midnight Hikes

  • The commander, XO and senior NCO of a deployed Seabee battalion were removed after the XO was found wandering in the woods, drunk and naked, except for his boots. Always wear your boots! (Meantime, another Seabee battalion command master chief was fired.)
  • The commander of a Marine V-22 Osprey squadron was defenestrated. If the Marine Corps is going to fire the skipper every time one of those monstrosities goes down, they’re going to burn through a lot of aviation lieutenant colonels.
  • The commander of a Marine Wounded Warrior Battalion got the big boot. (Not the first time, I hear youse in the back mutter.)
  • The commander of the Coast Guard’s Long Island sector was ousted for reasons that official spokespeople endeavored not to make clear.
  • The king of Saudi Arabia booted the chief of the military. No reason given.
  • A British officer was blamed for damage inflicted on a submarine whilst engaged in training exercises, the always interesting Gibraltar Chroniclereports.
  • A Navy commander caught up in the “Trump-Sized Leonard” scandal pleaded guilty to accepting bribes, including the services of Mongolian prostitutes. WaPo: “Officers from the Blue Ridge consumed or pocketed about $1 million in gourmet meals, liquor, cash, vacations, airline tickets, tailored suits, Cuban cigars, luxury watches, cases of beef, designer handbags, antique furniture and concert tickets — and reveled in the attention of an armada of prostitutes, records show.” With that on their resumes, I’m surprised that Paul Manafort didn’t hire the officers to be lobbyists.

I wish the Army would be as transparent as the Navy is about reliefs. Why is the Army so reluctant to be open? Aren’t they supposed to be the most democratic and transparent of the services?


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