They say that bad books make the best movies (for example, The Godfather). By the same token, perhaps bad movies make for the best reviews.

That’s what I thought after reading Peter Molin’s meditative review of a Netflix movie I haven’t heard of, Sand Castle. It looks to be a kind of the routine story of “I was a soldier and I went to Iraq and everything went to shit.” Molin writes: “A movie about how Private Ocre subsequently willed Sand Castle into existence would probably be a better movie than Sand Castle, to be honest.”

Molin adds, “What thinks of all this, I don’t know, but I’m curious if he is proud of Sand Castle, in spite of its modest achievement, or if he has regrets about how a better movie got away from him in the sausage-making process. Probably he’s just happy to have punched his ticket admitting him to LA insider status.”

Iraq War photo