They say that bad books make the best movies (for example, The Godfather). By the same token, perhaps bad movies make for the best reviews.

That’s what I thought after reading Peter Molin’s meditative review of a Netflix movie I haven’t heard of, Sand Castle. It looks to be a kind of the routine story of “I was a soldier and I went to Iraq and everything went to shit.” Molin writes: “A movie about how Private Ocre subsequently willed Sand Castle into existence would probably be a better movie than Sand Castle, to be honest.”

Molin adds, “What thinks of all this, I don’t know, but I’m curious if he is proud of Sand Castle, in spite of its modest achievement, or if he has regrets about how a better movie got away from him in the sausage-making process. Probably he’s just happy to have punched his ticket admitting him to LA insider status.”

This Is One Of The More Interesting Iraq War Movie Reviews I’ve Read Lately