6 Last Minute Gift Ideas For The Military Community

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Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re still scrambling for gift ideas, then check out these veteran-owned companies that offer something for everyone on your shopping list.

1. For that “impossible to buy for” person in your life.

Sockwork is a monthly sock subscription founded by Army veteran Mario Barrett and his wife as a way to start a business and donate back to charities that support veteran causes. The Sockwork motto is “Socks With A Purpose,” and the company is giving 10% all its profits to four different non-profits. This gift is great for that person who is impossible to buy for. Who doesn’t love socks?

2. For that girlfriend/boyfriend who you’ve never given a gift to before.

Sword & Plough is a new company started by active-duty Army officer Emily Núñez Cavness, which aims to reduce waste by repurposing military surplus material into hand and messenger bags for both men and women. Although these bags are not cheap, they will make a great impression if this your first Christmas with your significant other. And if the relationship doesn’t work out, these bags are durable enough to pack your ex’s stuff into and send him or her on their way.

3. For your mom, sister, or that brother who wants to look and smell great.

Ladyburg is a veteran-owned, skincare apothecary based out of Fredericksburg, Virginia. The company offers cool handcrafted products for men and women that can be purchased in store or online. For the ladies, Ladyburg offers everything from handmade soap to baby butt butter, and for men, it offers cool products, such as beer-shaving soap. According to co-owner and Army veteran Fred Wellman, “Hops and beer are actually soothing on the skin and gives soap a less drying impact on the skin.” However, it doesn’t work if you pour a beer over your head.

4. For that family member deployed overseas.

A new campaign raising funds on Kickstarter now allows you to send beautiful video tributes to service members at home or deployed overseas. Through the company website, Tribute.co, you can easily compile and edit submitted video clips into a video montage, or “Tribute,” that can be easily emailed or messaged to the person you want to surprise. To send a free tribute to a service member, send an email with your name, the name of the serviceman or woman, and the date that you are hoping to deliver the tribute on to support@tribute.co.

5. For a coworker who needs to step it up.

RuckPack Inc., a company that manufactures and sells healthy alternatives to energy drinks and shots, was born when co-founder Rob Dyer was deployed to Afghanistan with Marine Special Operations Command. Dyer developed the power drink in combat to help weary troops recover quickly from fatigue and dehydration. If you have a coworker who you want to step it up a bit at work, be sure to fill his stocking with these all-natural energy drinks. They should do the trick.

6. For the person who needs a wardrobe upgrade.

If your special someone does not own any clothing by one of these companies yet, then you’re doing it wrong. Article 15 Clothing, Ranger Up, and Grunt Style are all veteran-owned clothing companies that produce badass military garb for both men and women.