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The most appealing military discounts benefit all parties concerned. Obviously, active-duty personnel and veterans enjoy special savings and services at the business they choose. The businesses themselves salute the active-duty and veteran men and women the business owners value while attracting a little extra jingle at the cash register (even considering the discount). Finally, civilians can show support for those defending their freedom by patronizing the shops, restaurants, services, and other spots showing a willingness to give a price break to those who serve.

This list of establishments out there that offer military discounts runs the range from restaurants to automakers and gyms to clothing stores. The purpose of this evergreen and growing collection of offerings brings the military member and veterans a one-stop shop for exploring and locating just the best military discounts that offer convenience and savings. 

Best car discounts

BMW Military Discount: The German automaker leads its American competitors by offering up to a $2,000 discount for financing on its models to active-duty, reservists, retired service people, veterans, and their families. Considering that BMWs do tend to run to the most expensive end of the automotive realm, the extra cash should come in handy.

Lexus Military Discount: From Japan, Toyota’s sister company Lexus offers $1,000 to active-duty personnel, the retired, veterans (within two years of discharge or separation), and family members within the household. 

General Motors Military Discount: Active-duty, reservists and National Guard personnel, retired military, combat veterans, and their spouses enjoy up to a $1,000 discount on any GM make and model.

Nissan Military Discount: Now one of the world’s top-selling automakers, Nissan extends from $500 to $1,000 discounts to active-duty, reservists, the retired (with 20 years of active duty), and veterans within two years of separation.

Best clothing discounts

Helly Hansen Military Discount: Active military members will find a huge 50 percent discount on all of Helly Hansen’s tough and rugged outdoor gear for everything from extreme winter activities to sailing. 

Under Armour Military Discount: The maker of everything from performance athletic wear to casual fashion to accessories, Under Armour offers a 40 percent discount off all purchases for all veterans, active-duty service members, retirees, spouses, and immediate family members. The company uses an online ID system to confirm military status for online orders.

Mountain Khakis Military Discount: Active-duty members, veterans, spouses, and dependents receive a 40 percent break on all purchases, including casual wear, outdoor apparel, and performance wear. As with many clothiers offering such a discount, the company extends it to multiple varieties of first responders.

Asics Military Discount: Known primarily for its athletic shoes, Asics also sells a complete line of apparel from top to bottom. It provides a 40 percent discount and uses the SheerID service to verify the status of military personnel.

Best restaurant discounts

Hard Rock Cafe Military Discount: While it might surprise military members and veterans, the international attraction and restaurant chain with the logo “Save the Planet,” Hard Rock Cafe offers an ongoing 15 percent military discount.

Logan’s Roadhouse Military Discount: Unlike most restaurants that hold off on their discounts and military specials until Veterans Day or the Fourth of July, Logan’s offers active-duty and veteran military service men and women a 10 percent discount every day. For legal reasons, it’s not available in California, North Carolina, South Carolina, or Augusta, Georgia. 

Carrabba’s Military Discount: Also expanding its discounts beyond just military or patriotic-centric holidays, the Italian restaurants of Carrabba’s offers a year-round 10 percent discount for active-duty members and veterans.

Mission BBQ Military Discount: A BBQ restaurant that bases its entire identity on the different branches of the military mission celebrates Armed Forces Month in May by offering different branches of the service a free sandwich during special celebrations throughout the month. 

Best flight discounts

Delta Airlines Military Discount: Frequently winning awards for its status as the best American airline, Delta offers more than just early boarding to individuals with a military ID. Those who serve also get free checked military bags and special deals for pet travel. In the case of combat injury, immediate family members or domestic partners fall under the Delta Medical Emergency policy and earn a discounted military medical emergency flight. Delta defines family as spouses, domestic partners, children, parents, siblings, step-siblings, stepchildren, grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and father-, mother-, sister-, brother-, and son- or daughter-in-law.

Cheaptickets Military Discount: The online airline and travel booking site offers generous military discounts for active-duty individuals and veterans. Once a customer verifies their armed service status, he or she receives an 18 percent discount on airfare purchases.

Air France Military Discount: A prime choice for military members looking to travel with ample luggage or equipment, Air France offers a major baggage benefit to serving personnel. If traveling on orders, a member of the military and his or her eligible family members can check five bags up to 70 pounds each when traveling in economy class.

American Airlines Military Discount: While many airlines offer a five percent discount on flight bookings, American Airlines boosted those savings to 10 percent. The airline offers additional flight benefits throughout the year, and both active-duty members and veterans are encouraged to contact the airline for specifics. Finally, American offers baggage deals for active-duty personnel. Those include up to five bags of 100 pounds each for active-duty U.S. military and dependents traveling on orders. If on personal travel, those same individuals get up to three bags of up to 50 pounds each.

Best grocery discounts

Sam’s Club Military Discount: When active-duty and former military members and their spouses sign up for or renew their membership at Sam’s Club, they receive a $30 Military Member Package that includes a $10 Sam’s Club gift card, a free rotisserie chicken, a free lattice apple pie, free 20-count all-butter cocktail croissants, and $2 off Member’s Mark Loaded Potato Salad.

Costco Military Discount: When military members sign up at Costco, the warehouse store provides these new military customers with more than $60 in savings. This offer qualifies for all military members, veterans, and their families.

Omaha Steaks Military Discount: An online, mail-order seller of top-shelf steaks and other meat products, Omaha Steaks offers a 10 percent military discount on orders for active-duty military, retirees, veterans, spouses, and dependents. Verification is completed online.

Hickory Farms Military Discount: In the case of this culinary gift company, active-duty personnel can benefit from civilian shoppers. Anyone wishing to send a Hickory Farms gift to those who serve receives free shipping to APO, DPO, and FPO addresses on select purchases.

Best health and wellness discounts

YouFit Military Discount: The provider offers personal training, nutrition counseling, and workout classes. Membership and class prices vary by location, but all military members receive a 20 percent discount off membership fees with no contract necessary. YouFit offers the same deal to first responders.

GNC Military Discount: The vitamin and health supplement retail and online giant GNC serves up a 15 percent military discount for active-duty and retired personnel at its online shop. Military personnel need to establish an online GNC account and verify their ID before shopping.

ONNIT Military Discount: ONNIT provides high-tech Atness fitness programs. The company offers a 15 percent military discount to active-duty members and veterans who verify their ID online. ONNIT applies the same discount to Atness equipment, nutritional supplements, and apparel purchases of at least $125. ONNIT serves the same discount to first responders and teachers.

Peloton Military Discount: The home fitness company that rose to prominence during the pandemic, Peloton gives active-duty, reserve, and retired military members $200 off all of their accessories when they buy any Peloton Bike or Tread. They also offer a 20 percent military discount on its monthly fitness app membership fees.

Best personal loan discounts

SoFi Military Discount: SoFi offers non-mortgage loans in amounts ranging from $5,000 to $100,000, with an APR range of 7.9 percent to 23.4 percent for military members and veterans with a credit score of at least 650. The loaner also allows more extended loan terms for the military. 

Wells Fargo Military Discount: One of America’s oldest and most secure banks, Wells Fargo will provide loans with an APR from 5.7 percent to 20.9 percent for amounts between $3,000 to $100,000 with repayment terms up to 84 months. No minimum credit score is required for military members and veterans.

Navy Federal Credit Union Military Discount: Offering a lower high-end APR (7.2 percent to 17.7 percent), the prominent military lenders at Navy Federal Credit Union offer loan amounts from just $250 to $50,000. Active-duty members receive a 0.25 percent autopay discount for online payments.

Upgrade Military Discount: More of a newcomer to the personal loan business, Upgrade offers military members and veterans loans from $1,000 to $35,000 with three- and five-year terms. 

Best home mortgage discounts

USAA Military Discount: Well-known for providing insurance to military members and veterans for more than 100 years, USAA is an Equal Housing Lender offering $0 down on VA home loan options. USAA Bank membership isn’t necessary to apply for and receive a USAA home loan, but it does allow pre-approval.

LendingTree Military Discount: Providing current rates as low as 2.750 percent APR at the time of publication, LendingTree maintains its status as one of the online world’s top lenders by putting loaners in competition with each other. Military members and veterans can learn more about their numbers with the company’s VA Loan Calculator.

Quicken Loan Military Discount: Another massively successful online loan company, Quicken Loan asks for no down payment from military and veteran applicants for home loans ranging from 15, 25, to 30 years.

Navy Federal Credit Union Military Discount: This popular armed services-centric financial firm requests no lender fees, works with VA loans, and lists non-VA mortgage options that require no down payment.

Things to consider when seeking a military discount

While every business or service offering a discount to service members is essentially offering the active-duty, reserve, or veteran individual (with his or her dependents) a gift in the form of money saved, you still should shop for the best military discounts comparatively. Not only can you choose companies offering military discounts over those who don’t show such appreciation, but you can also break down the various categories to find who’s offering the armed services the best break. 

Once you determine the nature and rules surrounding a military discount, whether shopping in person or online, don’t hesitate to ask directly if the deal is still in place and if the stated rules still apply. If you don’t get the response you want, move on and shop for a rival. 

Finally, remember the business in question offers a good military discount because it values those who serve. It enjoys any public attention the discounts provide to convince civilians who also support the military to bring their money along with them. Such a business doesn’t seek to turn the service people away from its door and wants to avoid any disagreements over a military discount. In case of any issues or disagreements, look to work with the business to find a resolution that makes you happy and leaves them at ease.

FAQs about military discounts

Q: Who gets military discounts?

A: In most cases, military discounts apply to active-duty, reserve, and veteran servicemen and women. In some cases, the benefits expand to military family members. As with every military discount you encounter, ask for details. Legitimate offerings will include clear qualifications and instructions.

Q: Do military discounts apply to family members?

A: Again, in most cases, military discounts apply to the individual who serves or served and members of their immediate family (if those family members would legally qualify for the good or service in the civilian world). In other words, if a gym membership applies only to legal adults over the age of 18, that restriction also applies to military family members. Always make sure to confirm such details with the military discount provider.

Q: Is a military discount only for active-duty members?

A: In the civilian consumer world, military discounts very rarely apply only to active-duty service members. The general understanding for any business offering a military discount is it applies to those on active duty, military reserve, and service veterans. As with all conditions, there are exceptions, so some homework may be necessary. 

Q: Do you have to provide some proof to get a military discount?

A: Unless a vendor or business personally recognizes you on sight, you should be prepared to prove your service status or history. The most common way to prove you qualify for any of these best military discounts is to show your official military identification card.

However, other extended forms of ID should be acceptable. A military-dependent ID card for active-duty personnel is also acceptable. For those no longer on active duty, a VA-issued ID from the VA health care system or a veterans-certified driver’s license (if your state stamps its cards with that designation) can be used as verification, as well.

Q: How do I verify military discounts?

A: While an online search and an exploration of a given business’ website should flag available military discounts, it’s wise to contact that business directly for conditions, amounts, qualifications, and other details. Responsible and genuine offers will have their facts and figures laid out clearly. 

Q: Can I use my DD 214 for discounts?

A: Your DD 214 condition of discharge report is not commonly recognized by businesses offering a military discount. While you could use it if you don’t have anything else, you should be cautious because it contains personal information like your Social Security number. 

Final thoughts

While a business can set its own rules on what type or how much of a discount it wishes to offer the military, most are looking to make those who served happy. That satisfies the business’ military-supporting values — while signaling that sense of appreciation to a greater civilian world that can join in that support with their patronage. It’s a happy meeting of the ways between military service, profit motive, and patriotism.

Beyond those high-minded values, the best military discounts really come down to dollars and cents. The price breaks and bonuses offer an active-duty member or veteran an additional benefit for dedicating a portion of their lives to national defense. Seek out and take advantage of any and all of these military discounts, because you earned them.


We conducted detailed online searches to find the most prominent and generous military discounts across various categories. We then confirmed that the discount in question was still in effect. We plan to update and expand this collection periodically to include new categories and to add any new military discount offers that emerge from new businesses or existing spots that decide to get in on honoring those who serve.