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A good flashlight is an essential element of any EDC, go-bag, survival kit, or preparedness in general. The problem is that most of the good ones are so expensive that folks tend to end up settling for whatever cheap knockoffs they can find — or they skip it altogether and fall back on their cell phone light. Don’t make that mistake. Coast is one of our favorite bang-for-the-buck brands, and its flashlights are even more affordable with Amazon Prime Day discounts.

If you have any doubts about the real-world viability of these value-oriented flashlights in the field, check out our test of the Coast G20 in the arctic and put your mind at ease. The best Coast flashlights on sale right now include penlights, EDC flashlights, full-size flashlights, headlamps, and a pair of safety glasses with a tiny LED built into the frame. Discounts on these lights range from 14 to 52 percent off, so there’s no time like the present to add quality lighting to your loadout.  

Check out what these Coast flashlights have to offer and pick up one or two for yourself while the savings last. 

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The Coast HP3R offers everything you’d want from a penlight. It’s compact and lightweight but punches a 110-meter hole in the darkness with 385 lumens. The beam can be focused from flood to spot by twisting the lens housing. The aluminum tube is durable and IP54 waterproof. Recharge the provided Coast battery via micro-USB or pack two regular AA batteries as a backup. Right now, you can score this penlight for less than half the original price.

Moving into the realm of EDC gear, the Coast PX20 provides a pocket-sized option that 315 lumens for more than an hour. The Bulls-eye spot pattern puts focused light where you need it, with ample fall-off for situational awareness. Separate power buttons let you activate white or red light. Power comes from three AAA batteries. Like the HP3R, this flashlight has a rugged aluminum housing that protects against impacts, dust, and water. The Prime Day discount has this EDC flashlight marked down to $17.

Coast’s XP18R is a full-size flashlight that uses a rechargeable battery or six AA batteries to crank out a maximum of 3,650 lumens. Other output levels include low (61 lumens for 58.5 hours), medium (310 lumens for 9.5 hours), and high (760 lumens for 6.5 hours) so you can strike the right balance between power and battery life. The flashlight’s exterior uses textured aluminum for grip in challenging environments and earned an IP54 waterproof rating. This flashlight is a little big to carry every day, but it’s a great one to have around the house, in your vehicle, or as part of an emergency kit. Save 43 percent on Amazon Prime Day.

Everybody needs a good headlamp. Whether you’re camping, working in a dark area, or need to keep your hands free during an emergency, the Coast XPH34R has you covered. It’s a bit bulkier than most consumer headlamps, but we can’t argue with the adjustable focus, 2,075-lumen maximum output, or aluminum construction. Like other Coast flashlights, you can recharge the standard battery or swap in three disposable AA batteries in a pinch. The Prime Day discount has this headlamp’s price marked down by 20 percent.

The idea of safety glasses with built-in lighting may have never occurred to you, but it seems like a fantastic idea. These Coast glasses are lighter than a headlamp, stay out of the way with a low profile, and protect your eyes from falling debris at the same time. They’re perfect for dirty job sites and keeping rust out of your eyes when you’re wrenching in the garage. Recharge the battery when it gets low and replace the lenses when they get scratched up — all for just $34 on Amazon Prime Day.

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