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Someone should do a Pentagon-wide study on the amount of money spent on cheap, disposable lighters that litter smoke pits on U.S. military installations. I bet that dollar figure would be astounding. On a personal level, you’re throwing a lot of money down the drain and contributing a disproportionate amount of trash to landfills by insisting on using those cheap lighters. Even if all you use a lighter for is melting loose ends of paracord, you deserve better.

That’s where a reliable Zippo lighter comes in. Zippos have been a military icon since the days of pineapple grenades and M1 Garands, used to light cigars in Normandy, cigarettes in Vietnam, and campfires back home. The timeless reliability and satisfying snap of the lid flipping open are undeniably appealing, even if you don’t smoke. Adding one to your EDC or survival kit is a solid move. Just remember that, whichever one you buy, you’ll need to purchase Zippo lighter fluid separately.  

For Amazon Prime Day, you can save nearly half the price on Zippo lighters and hand warmers. We picked out the best ones for use in uniform and on your own so you can cut straight to the deals before they’re sold out. 

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Add some bling to your civvies with a lighter that never goes out of style. Zippo’s famous refillable lighter uses premium fuel, flint, and wick inside a high-polish chrome case. If you do manage to break it, Zippo is pretty good about repairing products so you don’t have to replace them. This lighter is made in the U.S. and costs 47 percent less on Amazon Prime Day.

Want something more subdued? This matte black Zippo lighter pairs perfectly with your uniform or civilian attire, and even feels appropriate at formal events. It’s got to be the most versatile Zippo out there.

You know the deal; this is the same Zippo goodness wrapped in a matte green finish that’s just begging to be your lighter in the field. If nothing else, it’ll look awesome in the Instagram photos that make you look cooler than you already are.

Zippo makes more than lighters, and this hand warmer is perfect for those frigid nights in the field when you have to stand firewatch for no good reason. This one provides warmth for 12 hours, making it longer-lasting, better performing, and far more cost-effective than disposable hand warmers.

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