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Under Armour has so much gear on sale during Amazon Prime Day 2022 that it’s verging on overwhelming. We know because we looked through it all. We combed through the 21,519 items the sports equipment maker discounted to find the very best for you — and trust us, there’s a lot.

We got you covered from head to two no matter your gender or style. We found stuff for the tactically minded, duty-oriented, athletic, and lazy. Everything on this list either comes in black, OD green, or coyote tan, or it’s just comfortable yet supportive.

Take a gander below and find the best Amazon Prime Day deals on Under Armour gear that are right for you.

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Under Armour shirts

Many swear by Under Armour’s super soft, cotton-blend tech shirts. If you’re particular about how your shirt fits, pay attention. Many users report that the shirts fit snug after shrinking a little in the easy, so pro-tip: buy a size up if you like your shirt to fit a little loose.

Under Armour pants

You might know that Under Armour makes stretchable sweat pants. It’s kind of their thing. But did you know they also offer tactical pants? They’re fairly minimalist compared to other tac pants, but the benefit is they’re made with the same sporty materials.

Under Armour underwear

Whether you need breathable undies or warming layers, Under Armour has a variety of options. Using polyester materials, Under Armour boxers, panties, and compression gear is flexible and wicks away moisture. If you’re still in the tighty whities phase of your life, it’s time to upgrade.

Under Armour socks

A good pair of socks is nothing to sneeze at. Under Armour makes socks that are just as good as the rest of their stuff. While they come in various lengths – no show, ankle, and crew – they’re constructed from a breathable polyester blend. While they’re popular among women buying them for their husbands, maybe you should just go ahead and buy some for yourself.

Under Armour hats, jackets, and bags

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