The best binoculars on sale for Amazon Prime Day 2022

Get eagle eyes for a fraction of the original price.

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Binoculars tend to get overlooked when it comes to field gear, and that’s a damn shame. The technology behind binoculars may be centuries old, but the advantage is as relevant as having a sharp, reliable knife. The upside of old tech is that you can save a bunch of money when companies aren’t breaking the bank for research and development. During Amazon Prime Day 2022, some of our favorite budget-friendly binoculars are even more affordable and the time to upgrade your gear is now.

All of these picks are tough enough to take into the field (and affordable enough that you won’t be heartbroken if someone runs them over with a seven-ton), so you can take them on a field exercise, deployment, or hunting trip. Whether you’re prepping for the field, planning a backcountry adventure, or just keeping tabs on the squirrels raiding your bird feeder, it’s nice to know that you can get binoculars that don’t suck for a reasonable price. That price is even better today, so get them while the getting is good. 

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Nikon Aculon 16×50

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Bushnell H2O 7×50

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